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Dennis Kucinich Loses His Nerve on Air Force One

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(This article was originally published on March 19th, 2010, just before the health care bill was forced through congress.)

I doubt very much that anyone has ever accused me of being a Democrat. I don´t know of too many Democrats that adhere to the principles of freedom and individualism as I do. Sure, I share their anti-war views for the most part, but that´s just one issue. And the Democrats actually have a history of being the warring party. Well, I suppose that´s a bit unfair since Republicans have participated in their fair share of war mongering. Come to think of it, the vast majority of politicians are war mongers, not surprising when one remembers that war is the health of the state. These statists, these collectivists, think they know better than the rest of us and simply want to control our lives so they can milk us to their own benefit. It doesn´t much matter to them who dies in the process. But, I digress.

I am not a Democrat. Nor would I claim to be a Republican. Those people who identify with these parties cite the best of their principles and intentions, but in practice we only ever seem to get the worst of both parties. Every once in a while, however, some politician comes on the scene who seems to be a cut above the rest. Every so often a politician appears who cares about principles instead of his own self interest. I thought Mr. Kucinich was such a politician. I thought he was honest and forthright and cared more about principles than about party politics. I thought he was more concerned with the people of this nation than he was with the established powers who use their money to buy congress and the presidency. Perhaps I was wrong.

I don´t agree with many of Mr. Kucinich´s politics. I think he often leans too far left. In fact, I would go as far as to call him a full blown socialist on many issues. He, like many politicians, doesn´t seem to understand that taxes are extortion. He, like many politicians, doesn´t seem to understand the reasons more and more people are beginning to feel this way. He, like many politicians, doesn´t seem to understand that you shouldn´t force people to be charitable to others. He doesn´t realize that such things actually work better for everyone when they are done on a voluntary basis. I do agree with him, however, on several issues. I mostly agree with him on the war issues. I agree with his stance on auditing the Federal Reserve. Until a couple of days ago, I somewhat agreed with him on his stance against the health care bill.

Mr. Kucinich is not stupid. He could see through the lies that this bill hides. He could see that it would not do the things a good socialist wants done. He could tell that it was written not for the good of the common folk, but for the empowerment of the bureaucracies which will grow like tumors out of it and the very insurance companies that pretend to be against the bill. That was why he opposed the bill, based on those principles. After he flew in Air Force One with Mr. Obama, he changed in mind on opposing the bill. Near as I could tell, the bill hadn´t changed to match his principles, he just decided that his principles were no longer as important as his political party.

This is a good illustration of the total corruption of the system. The system has the ability to take a good, principled man and turn him into someone who will compromise his principles in the hopes of achieving something better, something that almost never happens. One might wonder exactly how this is accomplished. One could speculate as to the threats made to Mr. Kucinich during that plane ride, which by the way cost taxpayers quite a bit of money. Did they simply threaten to remove party funding from his campaign efforts? Did they threaten to not be friends with him anymore and not campaign for him? Does Mr. Kucinich have some skeletons in his closet they could use to blackmail him? Is it possible they subtly suggested a far more nefarious threat? One wonders what on earth could have been said to make a person abandon his principles in such a manner. I wasn´t there so anything I might believe is mere speculation, but I did hear Mr. Kucinich mention something about a parachute and listening to the president when he takes you for a ride.

I am reminded of old mob films. I am reminded of someone making someone else an offer they can´t refuse. I am reminded that the world is run by greedy, cold hearted men lusting for power who will do anything to keep competition to a minimum. This most recent push to force a health care bill (which would be more accurately entitled The Medical Power Grab and Government Insurance Monopoly Assurance Bill) upon the American people has reached an extreme in absurdity. It is not rule by democracy. It is not rule by a representative republic. It is not rule of law nor does it have anything to do with any law other than the law of absolute power corrupting absolutely. It is gang rule. It is rule by an organization resembling more the Mafia than a civilized group of statesmen forming a governing body. It´s a shame a supposedly principled man like Mr. Kucinich got caught up in the middle of it.

This latest debate, and I use that word loosely, has shown that the politicians of this country really couldn´t give two turds as to what the average man thinks. We will do as they say. We will submit to their will. This nation now follows the rule of masters and slaves. Those in the political class are the masters, and we are the slaves. Yet even that isn´t what it seems. Mr. Kucinich´s dilemma is evidence of this. It seems that even some in the political class are becoming slaves to their higher ups. The number of masters is shrinking to but a few, and they prefer to remain hidden in the shadows.

It isn´t much of a wonder that Mr. Kucinich has lost his nerve and abandoned his principles. Even so, I no longer admire him nor do I consider him honest and forthright any longer. I have lost the respect for him I once had. The thing is, those who are pulling his strings have likely lost their respect for him also. They at one time were likely somewhat afraid of his independence and now likely hold him in disdain. If he caved on this issue, he will likely cave on the audit the Fed issue and even come to support the wars of aggression that Mr. Obama wants to engage in. Too bad, Mr. Kucinich, I thought you were one of the good guys.

Mr. Kucinich said that health care was a right, and I vehemently disagree with that statement. One has the right to seek health care if one becomes sick. One has the right to endeavor to find the best health care one can if one injures one´s self. One does not have the right to steal from another as happens when one is taxed to provide for another´s health care needs. One does not have the right to enslave another as happens when a doctor is forced by law to care for a patient he may not wish to care for. I don´t advocate that the sick and injured be turned away, but I do advocate voluntary interactions between people rather than government coercion forcing such interactions. I do advocate the faith one has in another´s humanity and would hope that such humanity would be particularly ingrained in someone who chooses a life path in the health care field.

We individualists must now stand more firm than ever. We must let the collectivists know that we do not accept their world view and we will not bow to their pressure. We do not want government interfering with our health care. We do wish fair competition and freedom of choice when it comes to how we seek treatment for our health problems. As of yet, the politicians have not forced upon us their 2700 page monstrosity of a health care bill that dictates nearly every aspect of how we are to engage in our health care interactions. Hopefully, some of these politicians will grow a conscience and it will not pass. If not, however, if they decide to continue to ignore our will, I hope that every one of them who votes for it, and especially Queen Pelosi, the most outspoken authoritarian, will be voted out of office in November. But before that, I hope that the people of this country can finally get over their apathy, find their independence and start to refuse to obey the dictates handed down to us by those who believe they are our masters.


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