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Scott Brown, Establishment Clown

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(This article was originally published on Jan. 22nd, 2010. I hate to say I told you so.)

Well, Scott Brown, Republican, beat out Martha Coakley, Democrat, in a race that was never supposed to be even close. Now the mainstream media acts surprised and some in the alternative media are crowing about how much of a difference this is going to make and how the people have spoken. Well, I´m not buying it. Scott Brown´s election has not made one whit of difference. Oh, maybe, just maybe, it might slow up the push toward nationalized health care. Perhaps it slowed up the agenda to completely socialize the United States of America and destroy the last vestiges of a truly free market and the last hope of a peaceful, voluntary society in this world, but it has not derailed that effort. There is still an agenda at work here. Freedom is still dying. Scott Brown is still as much a control freak social engineer as his political colleagues and he as much as said so the day after he was elected. He is not an advocate of liberty and smaller, limited constitutional government.

These people just don´t get it. The day after Mr. Brown is elected in what was supposed to have been a slap in the face to Democrats and was supposed to send them a message that we don´t want government health care, the man is standing at a podium talking about creating a health care bill. Hello? Anyone home? Oh yeah, we´re out of "campaign mode" now. I suppose that means it´s ok to lie as long as you´re campaigning. I´ve an idea, let´s see another song and dance. Why not pander to another crowd and talk about peace while promoting war? Or talk about accountability while voting for bailouts? This is a typical politician, yap, yap, yap at the masses while catering to the elite. Pah-leaze.

It doesn´t matter if one is a Democrat or a Republican. These people just don´t get it. The populace is screaming for a limited constitutional government. They want government out of their lives. They want taxes abolished. They want the Fed audited. They want debt money done away with and honest money reinstated as it was supposed to be all along. People want the government to leave them alone. They are tired of the lies and corruption. They are tired of the tricks and the illusions. We can see who´s benefiting. We can see who´s on top of the pile and who´s suffocating at the bottom. The common folk are getting squashed by all the government tampering and regulating and it´s time to make it stop.

Fifty years ago the United States had perhaps the best, most affordable medical care in the world and three quarters or more of its people paid doctors directly. Health insurance was for medical emergencies and catastrophic illnesses. HMOs were non existent. Then the government got involved. Actually, they got more involved. They kept getting more involved. The more they regulated, the more centralized health care became, the more the insurance industry became monopolized by a few big players. The higher the prices climbed. The more unaffordable health care became. This was the death spiral. The way out is through less government involvement, not more. Socialism is not the answer.

The people are crying out for less government, a repeal of onerous laws, and a way to rid ourselves of the oppressive debt we find ourselves burdened with and all they can do in Washington DC is talk about health care. Health care is not one of the enumerated powers granted to congress by the Constitution of this country. The only reforms that should be considered are those that allow or make it easier for competition to enter the marketplace and drive down prices while increasing services. This would require in many cases the government to step out of the way and let the market work, something that Scott Brown evidently isn´t willing to do as to him it´s very important for everyone to have some form of health care (insurance) and he wants to offer a "basic plan." One way or another, even he wants to socialize health care.

Ask any doctor how much of your health care dollar goes to pay for all the government mandates he/she is required by law to obey. Maybe then you´ll begin to understand the real reason why it costs so much to see a doctor. But none of that seems to matter to the omnipotent masters of obfuscation on Capital Hill, they want to capture even more of the health care dollar and make sure their friends in the insurance industry continue to profit by bringing into being some form of health care reform that requires everyone to carry insurance, even if it is just a "basic plan."

There is so much more than health care that should be focused on. There are massive amounts of lives and treasure being lost in undeclared, unconstitutional wars of aggression. We could declare victory and walk away from them, but our political elite chose to remain. There are violations of our civil rights taking place on a daily basis as more and more common folk feel the oppressive boot of the police state come down upon them. We could quickly put an end to such violations by repealing the unconstitutional laws passed, dismantling the security/nanny-state apparatus put in place to oppress, not protect, the American people, and prosecuting to the fullest extent any thuggish bully, uniformed or not, that violates the natural rights of another individual. There is a huge theft of our wealth and our economy taking place right under our noses that could be stopped, or at least recognized and curtailed, with an audit of the Federal Reserve. These are truly important issues that are being ignored while we are diverted by the health care issue.

Don´t get me wrong, I think health care is an important issue, I just don´t believe it´s something the federal government should be dealing with. They have over stepped their bounds in so many ways and on so many levels it´s not funny. Perhaps that´s why they remain so arrogant and keep ignoring the people and pretending we want them interfering with our lives.

So the media plays up Mr. Brown´s victory. Now we´re all supposed to be happy. Now everything will be alright because a Republican has replaced a Democrat in the state of Massachusetts where that was never supposed to happen. Now the Democrats are so scared and we no longer need to worry about socialized health care. Go back to sleep, America. Your democracy is working. No need to worry anymore. It´s all been taken care of.

Well, I´m not going to go back to sleep. Big government Republican or big government Democrat doesn´t matter. They´re all the same. We still have war. We still have prohibition. We still have a police state. We still have institutionalized theft of our wealth. And we still have men in Washington DC who want complete control of our health care system. This is not America. Where is the freedom? Where is the liberty? Where is the opportunity? Big, centralized, corporate government has taken these things away from us. The establishment has taken men and women who honor these principles and made them into media fodder, labeling them radical, crazy, dissident or even terrorist. Meanwhile it has bought and paid for politicians and turned them into clowns who pile out of the establishment mini car and run up the steps of the Capital claiming to represent the people. It´s a big show under the big top, that´s all. The men who run it still collect the money from the gate at the end of the day. It´s time to let them know we´re tired of the same old show and we want our money back.

Perhaps I shouldn´t be so cynical. Perhaps I should be celebrating the fact that people seem to be waking up and are at least trying to make a change. To be fair, it is rather a good thing that there´s been such a quick backlash against the Democrats who broke so many of their promises and ignored so many of their mandates. Yet nothing seems to change. They don´t seem to care. There are many freedom advocates running for office and I hope they all achieve victory, but there is such a long way to go.

I am truly tired of these big government politicians who can´t see that government isn´t the answer to problems, government in most cases is the problem. In the last two years I´ve had to cut back dramatically on my spending and the government has continued to grow and spend as if the economy was still booming. I´ve seen trillions wasted paying off interest on debt. This needs to stop. There´s far too much waste in the system. Perhaps when I see the waste eliminated and freedom restored I´ll stop being so cynical, but until that time I´m not going to stop to celebrate one man´s victory unless I can be sure he´ll be an outspoken advocate for liberty. I hope this is a turning point, but I remain skeptical and await further developments.


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