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Shame on the Big, Centralized, World Government Deniers

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(This article was originally published on Nov. 5th, 2009.)

I had nothing better to do the other day and was browsing through some blogs and some news stories. I was surprised to see so many people still vehemently arguing about the reality of climate change and insisting that something needs to be done about it. Many pointed to this graph and that graph, this scientist and that scientist, this study and that study, this piece of propaganda and that piece of propaganda, and then cried about how arguing about climate change was going to lead us down the path to mankind's destruction. Both sides of the debate claim the other side is lying. Both sides present arguments that may be considered convincing to some. But there was something I noticed about those who argue that climate change is man made. Many of them have taken to calling those who argue against them "climate change deniers."

Let's make this clear. I am not a "climate change denier." I agree that climate change exists. I just disagree that mankind has a major impact on it. In fact, I will point out that climate change has existed for millennia. Looking back on the geologic record there is much evidence that climate change existed long before humans walked the earth. More recent records show climate change occurring before mankind was industrialized. I find it hard to believe that mankind has had that much of an impact on climate change and the evidence I've seen that we have has been weak at best, in my humble opinion, especially considering the multitude of climates this planet has seen for millions and even billions of years.

I would assert that a much, much greater contributor to climate change is the sun. I don't really need a scientist to tell me this. I can observe on my own that when one hemisphere is exposed to more of the sun's energy the climate is warmer and when less of the sun's energy reaches it the climate is cooler. I don't think it's that farfetched an idea that if the sun puts out more energy than the earth's climate will become more tropical and if the sun's energy output declines the earth's climate will become more arctic like. It would not cross my mind, however, to label anyone who disagrees with that assessment a solar wind denier. At least it wouldn't have if I hadn't seen the term "climate change denier" used so often.

But, to take it even further, I do agree that mankind does have an impact on the climate. It's just an infinitesimal impact. It is so small that I certainly don't believe it can create a change that can be measured. In fact, I would suggest that the impact that man has on climate is countered quite effectively by natural cycles. I remember way back in grade school reading about the impact that termites have on the climate. It seems they put out tons of methane into the atmosphere from digesting the wood they eat when they burrow into it. It occurred to me even back then that any life has an extremely small impact on climate just by engaging in the process of living, sort of like a butterfly effect. I don't think that taxing termites would be an effective way of preventing climate change, nor would exterminating them.

To further clarify my position, I would point out that I don't deny that man has an even greater impact on the environment. Indeed, man's activities produce quite a number of dangerous and deadly pollutants that can and do cause death and destruction in the natural world. This, however, is quite a bit different from climate. Lead, mercury and other heavy metals along with radioactive materials and many other byproducts of war and industry can have a devastating effect on the environment. It seems to me that carbon dioxide is one of the least of these byproducts to worry about, and we probably shouldn't worry about it at all. Without carbon dioxide, life on this planet likely wouldn't even exist, at least not as we know it. Plants need carbon dioxide to live just as we need oxygen, and we need plants to survive. It seems to me that there are far greater hazards than carbon dioxide to worry about, but if we weren't worried about it then those who wish to impose taxes on us would not be able to totally control our very basic activities down to our every breath.

So, I don't deny that problems exist. I simply disagree with the solutions put forward, especially by government and most especially by scientists on the payroll of the United Nations. Perhaps when I was younger and more naive I would have been more inclined to believe such "experts." In fact, there was a time when I believed that perhaps mankind was having a great effect on the world's climate. Then I started listening to the solutions the politicians were suggesting. That's when I realized these people were not worried about the climate. As I grew older and observed the operations of government I began to understand its nature. Government is not for the benefit or welfare of the average man, or the world, or nature, or the climate, it is for the benefit and welfare of the few at the top of the heap. These people are as uncaring as they come. It seems to me that perhaps many of them believe they are very clever and spend their days trying to figure out the most devious ways to try to fool the general public. Sure, some may have blinded themselves with the excuse of good intentions and given up thinking beyond the dogma so that they can continue to excuse their own behavior and do their jobs, but the ones at the top, the ones giving the orders and pulling the strings, they must be aware of what this is really all about in order to maintain the illusion.

Still, there are those who are going to stick to their guns and insist that anyone who thinks as I do is a climate change denier. They are going to insist that I and anyone else with my same mindset isn't looking at any of the science or is ignoring it in favor of "crazy" conspiracy theorists, discredited junk scientists or scientists paid off and working for oil, coal, or other energy companies. Fine. No amount of arguing would convince them anyway. They are so set in their ways, so enamored with their belief that man is the all powerful evil creating devastating climate change, that if the sun were to have a sudden burst of energy output tomorrow, and we were all quick fried, the last thoughts going through their heads would be that the SUV their neighbor started that morning was to blame for putting the last bit of carbon dioxide into the environment that put the climate over the tipping point. If they want to believe I'm a climate change denier, so be it. Likely there's not a thing I could say (or write) that would change their minds. Yet this next bit is directed at them.

If I'm a climate change denier, then perhaps they are big government deniers. Perhaps we are all deniers of one sort or another and perhaps they simply refuse to believe that big government exists. Perhaps they don't think that there exists people in this world who desire greatly to laud power over every other human being on the planet. Perhaps they don't think there exists a parasitic agency that will use every excuse, every trick it can think of, to tax those of us in this world who produce so that they can live in opulence off our hard work. Perhaps they don't believe there are people who wish to siphon off and control the wealth created by others so that they can live the life of Riley without producing anything of value. Perhaps they deny the existence of documents, treaties and other framework agreements that would legally bind the future rulers of nations and the people they are supposed to represent to some worldwide taxing body. Certainly they don't seem to want to talk about such issues and get pretty darn persnickety when such issues are brought up.

It seems to me that the same people who are solar wind deniers are also big, centralized, world government deniers. They cry that such things don't exist. They cry that such things are not being planned. They may cry that anyone who believes that such a thing as world government is in the works is paranoid. They will quickly slap a crazy label on anyone who warns that a power elite is attempting to establish a worldwide structure to rule over mankind with greater legal authority than already exists. They cry that everyone who looks at or studies the actions and effects these things have or will have on the ecological and economical systems of this world are chasing phantoms. While they will shout that others refuse to examine the "real" science of a problem, they seem unable to recognize real political aspects. They quake in their boots with fear and seem to desire to have all their money and liberties taken from them just for a few soothing words and a meaningless promise that everything is going to be okay.

But, then again, I could be wrong. Perhaps those accusing the people who are pointing to the sun and factors other than mankind of being climate change deniers understand quite a bit about how big government works. Perhaps they realize that in order to get populations to submit to their terror/extortion techniques the populations need to be fearful of some great calamity or enemy. Perhaps they realize too well that it is easier to exercise control over people when those same people are asking to be controlled. Perhaps those accusing others of being climate change deniers are not themselves deniers of big, centralized, world government, but enablers of those institutions. I suppose there is the possibility that they are earning a paycheck from an institution that is supported by the ruling elite. Yet I find it hard to believe that so many could be that nefarious. Most likely there is a mix out there in the media of both big, centralized world government deniers and enablers. Still, it's sad to think about. I don't know which is sadder, those who continue to be fooled by slick propagandist control freaks and sincerely support their point of view or those who will sell out their intellectual principles and honesty to the highest bidder and make a conscious effort to fool others.

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