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Conspiracy Theories, the Lure of Collectivism and the Cycle of Abuse

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I read an interesting piece the other day about mass delusion and the economy. It got me to thinking about, of all things, conspiracy theories. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, the reason the powerful can get away with conspiracy, the reason they can cause so much harm and consternation is because they know how to create and manipulate mass delusion. Maybe the main mass of the population disregards conspiracy theories so off handedly simply because they don't want to believe they're true, not because facts or evidence point to said theories being false.

Whether or not you believe certain conspiracy theories, or perhaps more appropriately in many cases, which conspiracy theory you chose to believe, depends on who you put your faith in. Back in the early 1960s, for instance, the vast majority of people had faith in government, so much so that it could get away with just about anything. People trusted the government to get to the bottom of John F. Kennedy's assassination with the Warren Commission. Even though much of their report made little sense and even conflicted with much of the evidence, the general public couldn't believe that such a conspiracy could possibly exist in the halls of government. They believed that our federal government was superior and above reproach and no one involved in our federal government could possibly consider a presidential assassination even if it would benefit them. I would like to think we as a society have gotten past that little delusion.

Do you still put faith in our government? Do you really believe politicians are looking out for your best interests or do you think they're either corruptible, already corrupted or just plain despicable and only looking out for themselves and their friends? How about the media, do you still trust them? They've been used by a powerful corporate elite in the past to misinform the populous and obfuscate issues, what makes you believe they're any different today? They certainly know what side their bread is buttered on. If the rich and powerful corporate establishment is threatened, don't you think they'd do everything in their power to alleviate that threat, including using a supposedly unbiased and objective "independent" media to convolute issues and events that could harm their reputations? It's amazing to me how often these institutions can be caught lying and still be trusted.

If a conspiracy is simply two or more people or entities plotting to obtain a certain outcome, then modern economics in nothing but conspiracy. The mere fact that congress even considers making laws to regulate the economy is conspiracy. There are those at the top of the heap, those who have made so much money they'll never be able to count it, who are trying to figure out how they can use the money to control everything about the markets, including and especially politicians. They make no qualms about admitting that they don't want competition and are willing to do everything it takes to eliminate it. So, one might ask, what is control? Is it not the same as, or at least akin to, governing? Controlling the market means governing the market and determining how people will spend their money, or at least a portion of said money.

So it is that we are told what to do and how to think by the talking heads on television. So it is that we hold up certain media personalities as idols. So it is that we are indoctrinated in government run schools. So it is that they use our money to entrap us in an economic system that benefits those at the top and makes it nearly impossible for the little guy to even begin to compete. Bureaucrats and people associated with government are happy to lead us around by the nose and tell us how much we need solutions offered by government. These people will happily proffer collectivist, big government solutions for problems that have been caused by the practices of collectivist big government. These are the solutions that have proven to be failures in countries around the world, including Cuba, North Korea, the former USSR and others.

The solutions to economic and societal problems that have been offered of late are nothing short of collectivist ideals. I would like to think that most Americans would agree that the individualist ideas of the founders that created so much prosperity for so long are much better than the collectivist ideas that have brought nothing but poverty and tyranny to so much humanity in so many nations in the past. Yet we still manage to fall for the age old arguments that these measures are meant to help the poor, or the downtrodden, or the children, or take care of some other perceived social injustice. This is the allure of collectivist ideas, that the ends justify the means and that the good intentions of the few should be forced upon the many.

It seems to me that many people are drawn to big government solutions not because they are simple, straight forward solutions to problems, although they can be presented that way, but because they haven't been exposed to other solutions. Quite often they don't even realize that other solutions even exist. They certainly haven't learned about any alternatives in school, nor are they likely to have seen them in the corporate owned media. Indeed, many folk might not even care that much. They are happy so long as they have their bread and circuses, so long as they can live what they consider a decent life.

As the economy continues its downward spiral, however, it becomes more likely that more and more of the common folk will begin to sit up and take notice. As they lose work, they will no longer be able to live that decent life they have become accustomed to. They will no longer be able to easily open a business and try new things as may have been done in the past. They will wonder why their opportunities have dried up and their options are so few. They will begin to explore the reasons behind the collapse and may well soon discover a frightening possibility. They may discover that these men and women we call government who were supposedly protecting them all these years were simply milking them for a portion of their productivity. They may discover that government and their corporate cronies care nothing about them and have, in fact, been abusing them for decades.

This cycle of abuse has been occurring for a long, long time. First group A gets in charge and abuses group B, then group B takes the reins of power and abuses group A. This happens over and over again, and all the time government grows bigger and the political power elite consolidate their power and grasp more control until finally there is no difference between group A and group B, there is only those with power and those they rule. They have divided and conquered. They are laughing as they watch the common folk bickering amongst themselves over issues of little consequence and they go about their business of completing their centralization agenda.

We need to stop being so delusional when it comes to these people. We need to quit laying back and expecting that they're going to solve the problems. We need to stop believing that they even care about us. These are not trustworthy people. We cannot and should not depend on them. Indeed, it seems to me that they are striving not to improve things, but to make matters even worse. One cannot solve problems created by borrowing and spending by borrowing and spending. One does not fill a hole by digging it deeper.

The political class doesn't seem to get it. Either that, or they truly are striving for complete control and they think you're too delusional to see it. Either way, it has become obvious the common folk need to take matters into our own hands. We need to stop listening to the politicians and pundits who berate free market solutions and start creating our own solutions. We need a little conspiracy of our own. We need to stop simply obeying and go back to just simply doing. We need to build our own economies, use our own currencies, and start doing business with each other while excluding government entities who insist on intruding into our business and taking their cut.

There are several ways this is accomplished. Allowing for competition in currency is one such way. Using precious metals such as copper, silver or gold for transactions is another. There are already several established companies that will happily provide the market place with such currencies. The Liberty Dollar is one such company that so threatened the status quo that the feds decided to raid it. There are now other similar companies stepping up to compete for market share. It is time we showed the feds that we don't need their protection when they attempt to protect us from legitimate enterprises. It is time to show them that if they do not re-establish a commodity based currency for our country instead of the current debt based fiat currency, then we will. That is how we will regain our economic freedom. That is how we will get back on the road to prosperity.

My archived articles are available at Please visit there to help support me and my efforts. I also have an ebook available entitled "The Ouijiers" by Matthew Wayne.


Comments (2)
  • Jonathan McNeil  - Another way of looking at things.

    First off, your premise is flawed. There are not two classes of people, or three, or however many. There are only people. If the CEO of a multi-national corporation or, lets say, a senator leaves their position for whatever reason, how many people line up to fill the vacancy? How many people fight to gain the power that position holds? How many people would continue the policies which harm their fellow people and planet no matter their intentions? (Keep in mind that if the CEO or senator does not generate the dollars, they will quickly be run out.) The sad answer is most people would, if they believe they can get it. The problems we have are not a class issue at all, but a deeper flaw contained within the species (see Dawkins "The Selfishness Gene";). We are an inherently selfish species and, as such, invariably do what benefits ourselves and those we care about first, and, like the failure that is trickle down economics, cast a bit of the remainder to those "less fortunate" than ourselves. Would that we were altruistic by nature, but sadly it is just not the case. Until there is a change to our very nature, we will continue this cycle of abuse, as you so eloquently stated, regardless of what laws or, for that matter, lack of laws we institute. Until we lose the belief that "I" am the center of the universe, we will continue to act like the monkeys we truly are.
    Secondly, you speak often of competition among people as if it is good. Keep in mind, competition destroys cooperation, and without cooperation, societies fall and people devolve. Cooperation has always been one of our greatest strengths as a species, and without it, we are ill-equipped to survive.

  • Pete Sagi  - The biggest so-called "conspiracy"

    It is true that if we want to get back to Liberty we must get back to lawful money, i.e., gold and silver coinage. It is also true that some people will be able to avoid FRAUD (Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Devices) and find enough trading partners to keep them in the barter economy with gold and silver coinage, but very few. There are a few things to overcome prior to getting back to lawful money.

    The biggest obstacle is the Federal Reserve System, a private, run for profit corporation that has a death grip on our nation, running a system of debt based money. There are several bitter pills we have been asked to swallow to maintain the illusion of integrity of these debt unit dollars, the first of which is the income tax, and in particular, the tax on wages, withheld at the source since the Victory Tax Act went into effect. Income tax withholding ... a temporary wartime measure since 1943. In order to get people into the withholding system, a nexus had to be created to tie the American people into this system, and that nexus or connection is Social Security. What most people don't understand is that Social Security is 100% voluntary and not required to live OR WORK in the United States, and that according to the slave enumeration bureau at They will readily admit that in writing, just email or snail mail them.

    So, to review ... Social Security is voluntary, participate in it and you will incur liability for federal income tax and FICA. Liability for state income tax is predicated upon liability for federal income tax, so no SSN use means no state income tax, local income tax if applicable, and, when it kicks in a few years from now, no SSN use, no Obamacare liability. No SSN use, no federal income tax, no support for the phoney debt based money system, and bye bye Federal Reserve. BUT JUST TRY TO GET A JOB, A BANK ACCOUNT, A BROKERAGE ACCOUNT, OR AN INSURANCE POLICY WITHOUT AN SSN!

    Even though THERE IS NO LAW that REQUIRES us to use an SSN on anything but federal employment, you will find yourself up against a wall of corporate policies based upon ignorance, fear, and a handful of deliberate bad actors in high places in corporate America ... the "Agent Smith's" of the income tax system. Furthermore, you will hear virtually no talk of this in the so-called "freedom movement" or the so-called "TEA party" or in John Birch meetings or virtually any group that claims to be pro-liberty. Nor will you hear a single politician anywhere telling the truth about Social Security and its relationship to the income tax. Not Ron Paul, not Rand Paul, not Chuck Baldwin, not Bob Barr ... all with great reps as being pro Liberty ... not one word, not a peep out of any of them. They will discuss "cutting spending to the point where we don't need an income tax" but NEVER a discussion on how people incur liability for the tax in the first place via SSN use where none is required by law ... and yet if the people of this country learned the truth about the SSN and its relationship to the income tax, and simply ceased using an SSN where none was required, it would set the cause of the collectivists back 75 years.

    There is only one guy out there in media who has been consistently bringing this issue front and center, and that is Dave Champion. His archived radio shows are on and his book, "Income Tax: Shattering The Myths" is available at Anyone who aspires to get the federal beast out of his or her life should read this book.

    Meanwhile ... just to prove how wide spread the iignorance is on this ... and I believe that this public ignorance is no accident and is the result of a massive government conspiracy going back 75 years or more ... poll a few dozen lawyers, and ask these questions: 1) what year was an SSN made a requirement at law to get a job 2) what is the maximum penalty for hiring a citizen or resident of the US without an SSN (private sector) 3) what is the maximum penalty for failure to obtain an SSN for a newborn and 4) what is the grace period to obtain said SSN for your newborn. The answer is 1) never, its voluntary 2) no penalty, its voluntary, 3) no law, its voluntary, 4) no grace period because of no law, its all voluntary.

    I personally polled about 4 dozen lawers, 2 got right answers, and one as a result of someone in her family "who is one of those GD tax protestors". You will have fun running this poll ... the most fun is telling people how it is all voluntary and watching them go into catatonic brainfart after the fact.


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