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Pledge to America or a Plague Upon Her?

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"There's nothing in the streets, looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left is now parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight..,
Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss."
From "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who

Politics in the United States of America has degraded into nothing more than a circus. It has become a cancer on our society that will not stop growing until we cut it out by its roots. This is partially a result of the two party duopoly that has been established by the rich elite who continue to pay for it, and partially a result of decades of popular apathy, ignorance and indoctrination that has led to acceptance of that system. It has become obvious that, with a few, but a growing number of exceptions, the worst possible humans are the ones that have decided to run for political office. That is because, I believe, positions of power attract control freaks who wish to exercise force over people and all their dealings.

The Republicans have managed to reach a new level when it comes to insulting my intelligence. They have drug out an old political has-been named Newt Gingrich in an attempt to placate the politically astute and herd those embracing the changing views on politics back into the two party, big government Republican versus big government Democrat box. In order to do this, he and his fellow Republicrats have come up with a not so original "Pledge to America" where they offer a similitude of so called solutions to the problems they believe are creating anger in America. They are merely trying to tap that anger to levy more power for themselves and implement their own big government agenda as opposed to actually shrinking government, lessening the burden and allowing free markets to once again bring prosperity to our nation.

Does Mr. Gingrich think we've forgotten his "Contract With America?" Does he think we've forgotten what a dismal failure that was? Does he believe we'd forgot how they managed to break that contract? Does he believe we'd forget that while the Republicans were in charge they still managed to grow government? Has he forgotten that it was the Republican policies of undeclared war and empire building that led us to this moment? That is what they are pledging, more of the same like we had back then, not more liberty, or less government, or even more autonomy at the more accountable state and local levels. Well, apparently, he thinks we've forgotten and that they can just pull the wool over our eyes and do as they want once they get in power.

Just look at the pledge, it doesn't even say much. They will try to repeal parts of Obama's healthcare bill. Parts of it. A step in the right direction? Maybe. But the whole bill is unconstitutional. It all needs to go, including the parts the Republicans say they like. Let the free market decide what services insurance companies want to offer, not bureaucrats. The federal government has no business mandating any kind of health care perestroika, period. I don't care what loopholes they find or legalese they use to argue otherwise. Those kind of decisions were to be left to the states to handle, or to the individuals, at least according to the tenth amendment to the Constitution.

They pledge to implement sanctions against Iran. Huh? What happened to no nation building? What happened to no empire building? There's a reason George Washington believed we should have commerce with all nations but entangling alliances with none. Sanctions are an act of war. It has been estimated that the sanctions imposed against Iraq caused millions of deaths, mostly children. Wars are expensive. They have nearly bankrupted this country both morally and financially. Can we really afford another war?

They pledge no more TARP funds. Ok, fine. How about pledging to arrest those who perpetrated that fraud on the United States in the first place? How about pledging to prosecute those who threatened our congressmen with images of martial law, economic collapse and rioting in the streets? I'm certain they could find something in all their RICO and terrorism laws to charge them with. Hey, better yet, how about getting all that money back? How about allowing those big companies to fail as they should have, get back the taxpayer money that was used to prop them up, and allowing smaller, more agile, more financially savvy companies to succeed where the large, cumbersome, bureaucratic, inept companies couldn't?

Does Newt Gingrich and his political cronies really think they can fool us again? Sadly, many will likely fall into that trap as they continue to hope that principle will trump money and power. This simply won't happen unless and until the outcry is so great that the political elite quake at the thought of being caught in a compromising position. It won't happen until there is some teeth put into the laws governing how the federal government is run. It won't happen until there is a real danger of politicians who stray from the principles set down in the Bill of Rights being held accountable for their actions.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like Barack Obama or his administration. I don't like what he's trying to turn our country into. But I didn't like George W. Bush either. I didn't like the direction he was taking America. I also didn't like being lied to back in the 90s when Newt Gingrich and his ilk introduced their "Contract With America." Perhaps if they had kept their word back then I might look differently upon them now, but that's not what happened. I can't trust them anymore. Perhaps Republican socialism is slightly better than Democrat socialism, but it is long past time for these types of comparisons to stop and for issues to be looked at separately instead of grouped together in party platforms. It is time to frame them in terms of freedom versus tyranny rather than in terms of big government Democrat versus big government Republican.

I can't tell you how angry it makes me that Newt Gingrich and the Republican establishment think I'm so stupid that I'll fall for their lies again. I can't tell you how angered I am that they have usurped a popular movement like the tea party, a movement that promised to bring freedom back to our nation and reinstate the power of the individual, a movement that wanted to once again make America a place where one's rights are respected and they are expected to take responsibility for their own lives and the decisions they make.

The tea party movement shouldn't be about Republican or Democrat, it should be about principle and honor. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have been a plague upon our nation. Both parties are, for the most part, without honor and without principle. Both parties have sold out the common folk for the thirty pieces of silver the corporate establishment has thrown at them.

I have an idea, Newt. How about you make a simple pledge. How about you pledge to stick to the Constitution? How about you pledge to limit government power to the powers enumerated in it? How about you repeal all unconstitutional laws, not just those passed by the Obama administration? How about repealing the Patriot Act, The Military Commissions Act, and other such unconstitutional, intrusive, freedom killing legislation brought on by the Bush administration?

How about pledging to audit the Federal Reserve? Oh, did you think your little ruse would make us forget about that little bit of legislation? Did you think that by focusing on the most recent bit of criminal activity and pledging to reverse those injustices we'd forget about that issue? Did you think we'd get angry enough to turn our heads away and just let them continue their unaccountable ways as they march us to economic ruin? How about we see if our gold is still where it's supposed to be? Let's not forget that those who control the supply of money control everything.

Of course, even if you made such a pledge, how could I trust you? How could anyone? You have deceived us before. You will continue to try to deceive. It's just in your nature. It's in the nature of almost every politician, almost everyone who seeks to exercise power over people. The problem is in the system. The system needs to be made more accountable. It needs to be made more voluntary. Until we can decide to stop paying for it, until we have the ability to withhold our taxes with impunity, it will remain unaccountable and inhabited by the worst, the most corruptible and the most power grubbing that humanity has to offer.

It seems to me that all that needs to be done is for government to get off the backs of the common folk. It seems that if it just lets the common folk be that we will all prosper. That is how our nation operated a hundred years ago when we were more prosperous than any of the socialist countries in the world. In fact, we were so prosperous that it held us together to this very day despite the anti free market sentiment of the power elite. We can no longer expect that prosperity to grow if we stay on the socialistic track we adopted in the thirties. Get the government off our backs and we will do well, as we have in the past.

My archived articles are available at Please visit there to help support me and my efforts. I also have an ebook available entitled "The Ouijiers" by Matthew Wayne.


Comments (9)
  • W.G. Miller  - Pledge to America or Plague on her

    It's good to see an article like this, so few people in our world see politics for what it truly is. I think many people realize it's a mess and a curse, but few know what to do about it.

    It's quite refreshing to see some solutions mentioned, or at least options for these vermin who infest our government. It was once asked of me, how I could vote for someone with an ego so large as to think themselves "worthy" of governing over the masses.

    While it was an interesting thought, I also realize people are "chosen" because they'll do what someone else wants. .not what I or my brethren want done. It's a sad comment on how far we've sunk, we now willingly elect our tyrants at all levels of fiefdoms, but until we take the time to take over our political process from the ground up, we'll never be able to change anything. You have to get involved locally and demand real change otherwise, nothing will.

  • Mike Smeltzer  - The reality of the Pledge

    Congress is crafty, Newt made the false promise (never acted on) for 85% of American citizens back in 1994. Current crop of voters were only 2 years old! The rest of us remember and understand Newt's promise was only to the 10% of the citizens that congress caters to year in year out like a faithful old butler to his rich master.

    This new crop of voters, both legal and illegal will with the help of a media that only recognizes and talks about the two party system (in name only) RINO'S and DINO'S will "train" these young unenlightened minds on how to vote. Corralling so to speak the vote which in turn perpetuates this farce of the two party system.
    We as older and I hope wiser citizens have a duty to educate these young minds on the fact that there are plenty of intelligent, moral constitutionally minded people out there (regular john and Jane's) who could be voted into congress to displace the rotten, corrupt cancer that now festers and leaks poison into America and it's good people.

    Can it be done? It sure can! All one has to do is look for folks who most everyone likes and trust and write them in as independents that are not a creature of either party or the establishment.
    It's too late I fear, but try anyway.... you can only gain because we've already lost.

  • Emery Woodall  - The rise of the Neocon retreads

    Great article. The old guard of the CFR inspired Republican party is attempting to reinvent themselves at the expense of the American taxpayer. Their pledge is a political maneuver. Unfortunately they still fool a lot of people.
    These Neocon retreads are trying to present themselves as fiscal conservatives when the record is the opposite. OK maybe they spent a few billion less than Obama but the reality is that they led us into this economic disaster and deindustrialization of America as much as anybody.
    Newt is just a liar and a hypocrite. Mr. family values himself. He works for the CFR - One World Government is their goal. I think there might a be a coupe of real fiscal conservatives in the republican party but not the leadership.

  • K

    "...the worst possible humans are the ones that have decided to run for political office. That is because, I believe, positions of power attract control freaks who wish to exercise force over people and all their dealings."

    Great article but it may be worse than you think. There is growing evidence to support the idea that our "leaders" are selected on the basis of their moral corruption prior to becoming elected, which makes them easily controlled, easily blackmailed, and easily kept in line AFTER they're elected.

    One false move and then OOPS! Look at these photos! Congressman so-and-so is a pedophile! Etc...

    What this means is that the dirtbags are actually recruited from the bath houses, satanic cults, organized crime gangs, foreign intelligence services, etc. No dirt = no financial support from the elite. Little or no press coverage for people of integrity.

    The same could be said for many of the private sector positions of power and influence, ie. megachurch pastors, CEO's, newscasters, etc.

    Dig a little deeper - it's quite a black hole.

    May God help us all...

  • MoonRiver  - Odd

    "Pledge to America" odd that it comes only during an election year. It also insults my intelligence for Republicans to think they can excite voters to choose them.

    There is no real difference between the political parties. We are used by both of them. There's a new book out about a small town in America that finally stands up to this tyranny & fights back.

    Great book cause it's about all of us &one day defending our towns & families from corrupt govt. that no longer gives the People a say. Remember, they are suppose to govern with our consent!

    I recommend it. It's that real.

  • Rusty  - A little encouragement

    Things are getting slightly better overall perhaps. It seems that even the RedTeam and BlueTeam faithful are finally realizing that there is little difference between the two major parties. I've heard close friends and relatives say it out loud, and I think they may be ready to finally wake up. Even the sheeple on sites like and are beginning to figure out the whole scam. The older sheep still fall for the globocapitalist/Marxist B.S. from Beck, Insanity, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly, but the young ones are not believing any of it.

  • Mihail

    The Synagogue of satan(REVELATION 2:9,,3:9)control both party,don't blame democrats or republican,both are working against the people and for an foreign gov.Amerika(USSA)is finish.


    The call to remember the hypocrisy the the Republicans is refreshing but not enough to release them from the damage they have done to this nation. Should any of you doubt the criminal activities perpetuated against the American people, please view the following edit of the 2004 Republican Convention in N.Y.C.

    This video will demonstrate the contemptible brainwashing techniques developed the monsters at Tavistock, borrowed by the spoon benders at the C.I.A. and used by the Republicans to instill fear into a nation to further to dismantle our freedoms. The insidious nature of this use of television for mind control is criminal activity that requires prosecution.
    Each and every one of these Republicans and their entire apparatus should be behind bars for allowing this insult to liberty.

  • Channon  - Pledge to America or a Plague Upon Her?

    You are right on target. What is the difference between Demicans and Republocrats when they both want big, bloated government, and only argue about which new directions to take in adding new layers of government control? Neither party seems to feel obligated to follow the laws of our land as set forth in the Constitution. And they both monkey with the free market, aiding some businesses while unfairly penalizing others, and then when calamity strikes as a result of all their tinkering they want to blame the free market.

    Americans need to get to the polls this election, and I hope we can toss out all the Republicrats and start electing "citizen statesmen" again.

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