Well said.
It is rather humorous, politicians are an awful lot like used car salesreps..
While both talk/bs about all the features of the bill/auto there is one thing in this climate they are both saying the same thing.
That is MPG or lack thereof.
The auto salesrep is talking about the gas mileage, the politician is giving you a lot of gas on how much mileage he/she is going to get out of their bill.

Either way, we are sure of a couple of items.
One, we will not get our full value either way and both the used auto and the bill/law l need a serious overhaul.
Two, the gas we get from both is just going to end up in bad exhaust.
Lastly, the politicians will probably have their job the longest, cause his/her brother/sister own the used auto lot..

This is a great country, as you said. It is jam packed with wonderful opportunities for everyone. The only hamper I see is used auto salesreps and politicians. We just don't get good MPG from either.
MPG = Message Product Guaranteed.

Happy Trails
Best Regards
F.A. Leonetti