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Hope and Change Part 2, the Return of the Republicans

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So, another mid term election has come and gone. After a mere two years of Democrat rule, we find ourselves back with the Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives, but not quite the Senate. Many people might be celebrating what they might perceive as some kind of great victory. They may think that when January comes around and the new representatives take their vows to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America we will enter into a new era of freedom and prosperity. I don't buy it. I think that, for the most part, we've seen this song and dance before. I think that the hope and change expected is just as elusive as the hope and change promised by Mr. Obama and his Democrat buddies.

I've been called delusional, told that I was but a dreamer, and accused of being Utopian in my thinking, but I am not so deluded or so much of a dreamer as to believe that the recent election is going to bring about significant change. As for the Utopian thing, I've never felt that providing individual liberties and free markets would lead to a Utopia. In fact, I don't think a Utopian society is possible. We're an imperfect species living on an imperfect planet in an imperfect universe. On the contrary, I think it is the collectivists who are the Utopian thinkers as they seem to think they can create a perfect society through forcing their vision upon the rest of us.

It is the collectivist elites who control society. They are the ones who have set up this duopoly to give the masses an illusion of choice. They are the ones who have set up these false Republican/Democrat, left/right, conservative/liberal paradigms. When issues are discussed, they should be framed in the individualist/collectivist paradigm. They should be framed in the freedom/tyranny paradigm. These were the hot and heavy debates prevalent in the 1700s during the enlightenment when our founding fathers decided to go down the individualist path and ushered great prosperity into our nation. Republicans and Democrats are both, for the most part, big government animals. Both parties represent a form of collectivism. Both parties are owned by the corporate elite who sit atop the power pyramid. Politicians in both parties will simply say what they think you want to hear while campaigning in order to get your vote and will do as they want or as they are told by their elite masters once they get into office.

So, now the Republican collectivists are in control of the US House of Representatives. La-di-dah. They still want big government. They still want to maintain an empire. They still want troops stationed around the world and conducting occupations. They still want to maintain a police state. They still want their control grid in place so they can spy on each and every one of us. They still work for the corporate moneyed elite, not the common folk.

I hope I'm wrong. I do hope the Republicans do manage to start scaling back government once they get into office. I hope the populace can keep the pressure on them and that they'll respond. I'm just not going to hold my breath waiting for it. They say they're going to start by trying to repeal Obama's unconstitutional health care bill, for instance. That's good. I spoke out against it and I would love to see it repealed. I just don't think it's going to happen. When was the last time a federal law was actually repealed? So they claim they'll repeal the health care bill. I'll believe it when I see it. Even if they do, it will have to go through the Senate and then when Obama vetoes the repeal they'll have to have enough votes to override the veto. I don't see that bill being repealed any time soon.

Not only that, but it's not just about the health care bill. Sure, that was a bad piece of legislation which takes away personal sovereignty and gives the government and the insurance companies too much power, but in my opinion it's really just a distraction to keep the populace from focusing on the real issues. Don't forget, in 2006 and 2008 the Democrats were ushered into power because of the Bush administration's bad policies. When Republicans take back the power of the House of Representatives, are they going to forget that? Are they going to ignore the wishes of so many that other unconstitutional laws be repealed? Are they going to continue the occupations and maintenance of the empire that so many have spoken out against?

My guess is yes, they will just let those issues go. They will not bother to try to repeal the Patriot Act or the Military Commissions Act. They will continue to dishonor individual rights by ignoring posse comitatus when it suits their purpose. They will not try to roll back the power of the executive and will continue to allow centralization of power to the office of the president. They will continue to ignore the Constitution. They will continue to allow our rights to erode and implement a police state to further quell anyone who may speak out against their policies. They will use the specter of arguing about repealing the health care bill, something that likely will not be accomplished, while other equally important issues are not addressed and unpopular policies continue in force and continue to drag our economy down.

There will likely be no investigation into the bailouts. No one from the Federal Reserve will be required to tell congress where all the money went. No one from the Federal Reserve will be prosecuted for fraud. The Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world will likely maintain and even increase their grip on power. In my humble opinion, most of the politicians still work for these entities, and those that don't may soon be bought off. Such is the nature of the system.

Yet I don't want to seem like too much of a gloomy Gus. I am, after all, an eternal optimist. Perhaps there is some good coming from this latest election, especially if the harm that can be caused by the lame duck session is minimized or completely held at bay. Dr. Ron Paul has promised to reintroduce his bill for a full audit of the Federal Reserve to the House of Representatives and Dr. Rand Paul has pledged to introduce the same legislation to the Senate. This will at least focus the populace's attention on the practices of the Federal Reserve which I feel is the most important issue. Keep in mind that without the Federal Reserve the policies that have put our nation into such debt would likely not have been possible. Their fiscal policies have made it much easier for our nation to conduct our military operations, the bailouts and the implementation of the police, security, nanny state.

Even if those simple things don't happen, even if this new congress fails to implement the changes those of us interested in seeing a restoration of at least some of our freedoms wish to see, one has to wonder if we are witnessing a new awakening of the common man. Indeed, one may well wonder if the hearts and minds of the common folk are being changed significantly as they begin to realize that the system is broken and there isn't much the system allows anyone to do that can fix it. Those at the top wish to stay there, and they'll do anything, lie, cheat, break promises, fix elections, perhaps even far more evil and nefarious deeds, to achieve their wishes. The more of us who come to this realization, the more of us who realize the system has let us down, the more of us there are that will be willing to go beyond the rules of the system and engage in real activism.

When at last we come to the realization that it is the system itself, and not those running the system, that is at fault, perhaps that is when more drastic measures will be taken. I am not talking violent revolution, for it has been shown that a society born in violence is likely to eventually succumb to violence. I am talking about civil disobedience and peaceful non cooperation. I am talking about refusing to simply go along to get along. Now is the time to learn the meaning of becoming the change you wish to see. If you wish to end the income tax, then don't pay the income tax. If you wish to see and end to the Department of Education, then start home schooling your children. If you wish to see an end to the police state, start insisting the police honor your rights and video record them whenever you interact with them.

There are many things you can do to create change. Start extricating yourself from the system as much as you possibly can. Start doing business and interacting with others who are of the same mindset as much as possible. There is a growing movement out there of people who are tired of being told what to do by the system, and the system is trying its best to keep as many of them as possible in its fold. The harder they squeeze, the more people slip through their fingers, like grains of sand. Yes, elections, protests, etc. are important for voicing dissent, but when those at the top stop listening and it becomes obvious they don't care, such actions may not be enough. We should all be prepared to move forward and change tactics when the inevitable let down occurs.

My archived articles are available at Please visit there to help support me and my efforts. I also have an ebook available entitled "The Ouijiers" by Matthew Wayne.


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