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Calling a Spade a Tyrant

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Anyone who plays cards knows what the suits look like. They know what a spade, club, heart and diamond are. Yet some slick talking people might try to confuse the issue at times. Depending on rules to games and what they are trying to accomplish, some people might point out the similarities between the suits. Hearts and spades closely resemble each other in shape. Clubs and spades are the same color, as are hearts and diamonds. Stretching it a little, one could claim that there is a similarity between clubs, diamonds and spades in that they all come to 4 cardinal points. But cards and suits are easy to distinguish from each other. It becomes a little more convoluted when discussing concepts that aren't drawn and pictured on cards and that we've been indoctrinated to think of in ways different than their true nature.

Taxes are a good example of this. At one time they were known as tributes. These were given to powerful kings with many soldiers at their command. It was supposedly money given to provide protection, but we all know what protection money is really about. There is an innate threat hanging above the heads of those who were required to offer the tribute, and if they didn't make the offer or offered too little they were soon attacked by the very force that was supposed to be there to protect them. That is extortion. More succinctly, that is theft. It's a certain type of theft thinly disguised as a service offered, but it is theft none the less. Any time money is exchanged or taken on a non voluntary basis whether at the point of a gun, through coercion, or through some other form of threat, that is theft. Just because someone calls something a tax and claims to provide a service for that money doesn't change the true nature of the interaction.

The Federal Reserve Bank is another example. It isn't federal and there are no reserves. The excuses used to create it were to provide stability for the economy by mitigating the boom/bust cycle and to ensure low unemployment. This is hardly what happened. Since its inception we've seen World War I, the depression of 1920, the boom of the '20s, the great depression, World War II, the Korean War, the boom of the 50s and 60s, the Vietnam War, the massive inflation or stagflation of the 70s, the Chrysler bailout, several military incursions in the 80s, the S&L crisis, the crash of '87, the first gulf war, the boom of the '90s, the popping of the tech bubble, the recession of the late '90s early '00s, the big bank bailouts just a couple years ago and now the current depression we find ourselves in. If the objective of the Federal Reserve was to provide jobs and stability, I would call them an utter failure.

Federal Reserve notes represent nothing but debt. They are created from nothing. Businesses accept them by decree. They do not represent an amount of silver or gold deposited somewhere for the one holding the note to collect, as was how it was supposed to be. We do not have the honest money as we were supposed to have. We have a fiat, fractional reserve system that has broken so many economies throughout history. If you or I were to engage in such practices, we would be arrested for counterfeiting or fraud. Could that be because that's what such a system really is? That's what I would call it.

Banking and taxes aren't the only concepts that have been convoluted to try to hide their true nature. Recently Janet Napolitano has been forced to come out to defend her TSA. Despite the continuing complaints from the traveling public she insists that they will not relent when it comes to their naked body scanning and enhanced pat down policies that amount to nothing less than sexual harassment, sexual assault and a violation of our fourth amendment rights that the government and its agencies are supposed to honor. She claims that these policies are not big brother type policies. Bunk. They are as big brother-esque as cameras watching everyone everywhere, stating that war is peace or slavery is freedom, or claiming that two plus two is five if the state says so.

Janet Napolitano and other government tyrants want to call this farce national security. What would you expect from those who have spent perhaps hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars on these machines? What would you expect from people who may have to justify such expenditures that have so benefited themselves and their friends? What would you expect when the conflict of interest is so blatantly obvious and these people don't even have a twinge of conscience?

These policies are not making us any more secure. It is not preventing terrorism. Any terrorist with half a brain would be able to figure out a way to nullify these measures, including detonating a bomb while waiting in a security line and taking out a whole bunch of people if he was suicide minded. Some have called this security theater, I consider it more of a security con game. If anything, I agree with the people who say this is slave training. The powers that be are simply trying to see just how far they can push us and how much humiliation the common folk will take. They are trying to con us out of our freedoms, our principles and what little independence we may have left.

Government itself is one big scam. It is the modern day tyranny we live under. It might not yet be as brutal as it has been in the past in other places, but it is heading that way. What was set up to serve has been harnessed to enslave. The chains provided by the Constitution have been broken. Those in the upper echelons of government no longer respect the individual rights bestowed upon all by the grace of their humanity and instead bow to the will of the elite few who believe themselves to be above the rest of us.

The enlightenment that helped to birth our nation was meant to show the world that men could prosper without big government intervention. It was meant to show that the common man was just as capable of accomplishment as the royal class if given the opportunity. It introduced the concept that one class of people was not given divine right to rule over a poorer class, but that those who were born into the lower socio-economic classes knew best how to run their own lives and could achieve great things if given equal, free and open opportunities. Our federal government was supposedly formed to safeguard these individual liberties, but it has devolved into a collectivist, authoritarian mechanism controlled by multi national corporate interests whose best interests are served by curtailing freedoms and denying even the possibility of competition entering the marketplace. The enlightenment has dimmed and its promise faded due to the growth of a cult of state worship.

It was good to see some change take place in the political landscape over the past couple of years and it does give me some hope, but not much. I just find it hard to get excited over a bunch of war mongering Republicans taking hold of power, especially since the Democrats have shown their complete unwillingness to end the conflicts our nation has been drawn into. I find it more hopeful that more and more people are talking about these issues. I find it more hopeful that people seem to be shedding their apathy and getting involved in politics. I find it more hopeful that more and more people seem to understand that there is no real difference between Democrats and Republicans, that they are both controlled by the same interests and that these interests do not care for the well being of the common man.

There is a clash occurring between ideologies, however it is not the clash that many may believe. It is the clash of the collectivists who have taken power versus the individualists who wish to be left alone. It is the clash between authoritarians who wish to intervene in every aspect of everyone's lives versus the libertarians who wish to pursue their dreams on their own terms. As things stand right now, it doesn't look too promising for the libertarians and humanity in general. I will be far more hopeful if the new congress begins to repeal laws and scale back the tyranny. I will be far more hopeful if they begin the process of auditing the Fed and changing the monetary system. I will be far more hopeful if the public manages to maintain pressure on them to shrink their operations to a more constitutional level. Otherwise I shudder to think of what this tyranny could blossom into.

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