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Szandor Blestman's Positive Outlook for 2011

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As I sit here typing this on the last day of the first decade of the twenty first century, I must say that I'm not sad to see it go. The years from 2001-2010 (the year 2000 having been, in my opinion, the last year of the twentieth century rather than the first year of the twenty first) were the worst consecutive ten years of my life, and I've been around for half a century. That's saying quite a bit as I've had some very tough times in my life and my share of struggles. But these last ten years go much deeper than my personal trials and tribulations. In the past I've always been able to figure something out and get along with my life. Now I feel trapped. Now I feel like a whole way of life has gone by the wayside. I have the feeling that a whole lot of people share my point of view.

I suppose it started on Sept. 11th, 2001. Well, as I have discovered since then, things were heading in the wrong direction long before then, but the incident that happened on that day has hastened the collapse of freedom and the rise of fascism and the police state. That date has been used as an excuse for the ruling class to create laws that violate the rights of individuals and make the common folk a criminal class. It has been used as an excuse to destroy and occupy nations and expand empire. It has been used as an excuse to spend the money our progeny will earn for generations to come by borrowing so as to be able to afford such military operations. The very few have prospered, the extreme majority have been screwed.

The authoritarian measures passed in the last ten years have served to change the political landscape of the nation that was supposed to exemplify freedom and liberty for all. These measures have turned my nation of supposedly independent individuals into a nation of sheeple, some of who will actually state on television news programs for the record that they don't mind their bodies being exposed to radioactive waves that virtually strip them naked or having their junk felt up by total strangers as long as they are provided with the illusion of security. These poor trusting souls somehow still believe that government is a good thing consisting of nothing but the very best, most caring people that humanity has to offer despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Over the last ten years, the ultra wealthy controlling elite have claimed more power than ever since the supposed collapse of the western monarchies. They are extracting more money from the common folk than most can afford. They are cracking down on the common folk and restricting growth as much as they possibly can to make sure they remain in control. At one time, I saw opportunity everywhere and private entrepreneurs who could hire me were plenty, now I worry that dependency on government programs will lead to much despair and perhaps the deaths of multitudes.

The crimes that government officials now engage in are too numerous to count. They continue to get away with committing them and continue to try to cover up their activities. They even try to justify their crimes by claiming them legal, citing some law that they pass in retrospect. You can't steal and then claim its ok because you write something down on paper. You can't commit fraud and then claim it wasn't fraud because you write something down after the fact. You can't do such things, but government and their corporate handlers can. When you break the law or don't follow the rules, there is a gang of men with guns who will see to it that you are fined, imprisoned, or otherwise held accountable in some substantial manner, but when government or their corporate masters decide not to obey the law or follow their rules, they hardly suffer more than perhaps a slap on the wrist.

Despite all that I pointed out above, I feel positive about the future. Even though I sit here unemployed, out of benefits, and out of funds, I have hope for the coming year. I've been getting responses to my resume and job applications lately where for the previous couple of years there was nothing. I was hoping to make money writing, but except for a couple of very generous individuals I haven't had much in the way of donations or ebook sales. Still, I feel optimistic. I guess it's just in my nature, or perhaps my genetic structure.

I think there is an awakening happening in this nation. There is evidence that across the globe people are beginning to understand the principles of liberty and freedom. More people are beginning to acquire a healthy distrust of governments and the multi national corporations that fund them. More and more people are beginning to "just say no" to government mandates. More and more people are videoing the misdeeds of police and other public officials and posting such things on the Internet for all to see. More people are starting to realize that there is a consolidation of power going on at the very top of the elitist control grid. More people are coming to the understanding that those in charge have been ripping us off for years and are speaking out against it. I think this has somehow surprised the power elite and they are becoming frightened that things aren't going precisely the way they planned.

I believe that as the power elite try to increase their grip on power, the more sand is going to slip through their fingers. I believe that the more they try to terrorize the common folk by increasing their brutality the more the common folk are going to push back. I believe that their crimes and their attempts at totalitarian control are going to be exposed and they will not be able to accomplish their goals. The more secretive they become, the more they try to shut up those who are exposing them, the more the general populace begins to see the true nature of the power elite and their plans. I believe that sooner or later they are going to have to relent and once again respect the rights of individuals and allow prosperity for all to take hold. I do hope that we start to see this accomplished sooner rather than later. I hope that we start to see the ship turning about in the upcoming year. I hope that once the light starts to shine on the secrets and crimes that have been going on for far too long that we will start to prosper once again.

My archived articles are available at Please visit there to help support me and my efforts. I also have an ebook available entitled "The Ouijiers" by Matthew Wayne.


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