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Congress Would Rather Condemn Shooting Than Do Their Job

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The congress today decided to postpone work on reforming the health care bill in order to bring to the floor and vote on a resolution condemning the shooting that took place in Arizona over the weekend. I have to ask, is this really necessary? People all over the world abhor violence. Human beings realize that harming others is wrong and protest such occurrences everyday. What makes this event so different that the members of the House of Representatives decide to take time off the supposedly important work they are doing in order to pass a meaningless and merely symbolic gesture? Is it because one of their own was attacked? Well, at the risk of sounding insensitive, I say get over it and get to work doing what you're paid to do. If you wish to mourn and express your condolences etc. on a personal basis, then do so on your own time. Use the time you're paid to work to do the business of the people.

Of course you condemn the events that took place in Arizona over the weekend. We all do, except perhaps those among us who are sick and applaud violence or secretly hope for it because it can be used to further their political agendas. The vast majority of us are quite saddened. Violence is contemptible. But there is absolutely no need to pass a resolution condemning it. That is not your job. It is not what you are paid to do. Have you learned nothing from the past two election cycles?

People are tired of congress wasting their time. They are tired of them violating the Constitution and passing laws that over regulate both our business and our private lives. Haven't you got that through your heads yet? Of course we condemn murder. There are already laws against it with the severest of penalties attached. The perpetrator has been caught. He has been charged. He will be tried. He will likely be found guilty. All the necessary steps have been taken to help ensure that he will do no more harm. The authorities in Arizona have done what needs to be done. You as a political body should have nothing more to do with this whole mess.

There is important work that needs to be done. Our nation is bankrupt. We are in so much debt we can hardly count on ever paying it all back. You need to figure out how to get out of the mess your predecessors got you into. The health care bill needs to be repealed not merely reformed, as does all past unconstitutional legislation. The Fed needs to be audited so that we know how much of our money was spent and where it went. It then needs to be abolished so we can once again enjoy honest money. Investigations need to be done to help end corruption and arrest those who engaged in it. The federal government needs to be cut in all areas. You need to have debates on the best ways to go about doing this and then get it done. All kinds of work needs to be done, so get going.

Every day billions are wasted as the federal boondoggle continues. So much could be saved if we start to extricate our troops from the middle east. Much more could be saved if we start to shut down the operations of empire and bring all our troops back to our shores where they belong. Unnecessary and unconstitutional federal agencies need to be shut down. Those operations should begin as soon as possible. The federal attack dogs from the IRS, TSA and other federal agencies that have been hounding the common folk of the United States of America need to be called to heel. This is the change that needs to take place in order for prosperity to once again grace these shores. This is the freedom promised to us by our ancestors who built this nation. The work to restore constitutional government, personal liberties and independence needs to begin immediately. One day less of negligent spending means one day closer to a time when we can once again enjoy the blessings of freedom bestowed upon us by our founders.

I have a simple message for the members of congress. Stop with the grand standing. Stop with the publicity stunts. Stop wasting time with meaningless resolutions that do nothing to scale back government, bring back prosperity or restore respect for individual rights meant to be granted all humanity. Start dismantling the monstrosity you have built that is the current corporate federal government that harms so many. Take the message of the past few elections cycles to heart, for if you don't get it the American people will continue to try to find someone who does get it to take your place.

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