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The Violence of the Wings

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I don't like to argue using the left/right paradigm. That is something, in my opinion, that the elite have created to divide us and divert our attention away from real issues. Recent events, however, warrant mention of the nature of these two divisive sides. There is at least a perception that the violence is escalating. There is talk that one side or the other is the cause. Whether you call it left/right, conservative/liberal, or Democrat/Republican really doesn't matter. The source of the violence is the collectivist mindset of both sides. The authoritarian statist is far more violent than the individualist. Even the political leanings of lone nutcases is evidence of that.

I have noticed that when an event occurs where an individual has decided to violently act against the system, that individual has a tendency to lean to the left side of the political spectrum. From Lee Harvey Oswald to Jared Loughner, assassins, would be assassins and violent protestors have had communist and decidedly socialist leanings. Some are angry because they don't think they're getting what they deserve and others seem to believe that they are doing something to help the "little guy." Often these people are suicidal, either that or they haven't completely thought their actions through. What would cause someone to pick up arms and engage in violent activity that is certain to lead to their death or arrest? How is it they justify their violence?

Perhaps they can justify their violence because the institution they so admire, big government, is based on violence. They see the government getting what they want by trampling the rights of the individual, by threatening them with imprisonment or worse if they don't bow down and pay their taxes, by keeping them from traveling if they don't submit to humiliating naked body scans or sexually intrusive pat downs, by making them pay for permits or licenses to do business, by making free humans ask permission to engage in any number of everyday human activities, etc. Perhaps they see such behaviors working for government and so they figure what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Of course they are bound to fail because they are usually a single individual while government is an institutionalized multi faceted hierarchy with many branches to entangle the masses and propaganda arms to justify its existence and demonize those who would oppose it.

Isn't it interesting that those leaning to the left have this tendency to call for victim disarming gun control laws? They want to take guns from law abiding people who are responsible and would use them exclusively for defending themselves because a few nut jobs have decided to go on the offensive. It is understandable that we as human beings feel for the victims, can imagine how frightening such an experience would be and want to prevent such tragedy from happening again. But trampling individual rights is not the answer to such events. Tragedies are going to happen. Government crack downs and new laws will likely only lead to different kinds of tragedy occurring.

It seems to me that people have a tendency to transpose their own behavior onto others. A liar will believe most people to be liars. A thief will believe most people to be thieves. A violent person will believe most people to be violent. If this is so, it would certainly explain why those leaning to the left want to get rid of guns. Perhaps they don't trust themselves with guns and so they think no one else should have them either. But it is a natural right we all have to be able to defend ourselves, to be able to stand up to bullies who would do us harm. Guns are but a tool that can be used for this purpose. It is not the fault of the many that a few misuse them in an aggressive manner for evil. This is all the more reason that the many should exercise their right, to make it that much more dangerous for the few that wish to be aggressive.

It isn't just the left that engages in violence. The right wing of the political spectrum also has its expressions of violence. Perhaps one doesn't see so many lone nut cases on this side of the spectrum picking up arms against the state, but that's because these people have a tendency to group together and work for the state, at least it seems that way to me. These are the people who will advocate for aggressive wars to "keep us secure." These are the people who will want to fight "them" "over there" so that "they" don't come "over here." They want to keep the violence hidden. They claim to be defending by going on the offense. They claim to venerate democracy (not representative republics) while killing many innocents under a military occupation.

These are also those who advocate a greater police state. They seem to want to give all power to law enforcement. They don't mind violating the individual's right to privacy, yet they will defend the state when it practices secrecy under the guise of "national security." They want to spy on everyone, everywhere, everyday, yet they will get upset when the camera is turned on the police. They want the ordinary citizen to remain docile and compliant to police requests, but they turn a blind eye when the police decide to get a little rough on the citizenry. They are, in effect, using the color of law to bully the public, violate supposedly protected rights, and intrude upon your private life while engaging in official misconduct themselves.

These people are the extremists. The policy of restricting the right to protect one's self is extreme. The policy of spying on and intruding upon the private lives of common folk is extreme. Occupying nations because a few of their citizens decided to commit crimes is extreme. The extremists have taken over. It seems that both wings are flapping violently and taking the main body with them on an unpleasant trip to God knows where. Both wings are heading in the same direction, toward collectivism and big government. One can only hope that the head in the middle can regain control and restore sanity. One can only hope that the vast majority who wish to just live out their lives peacefully as they see fit can exert enough pressure on the wings to get them folded back in and nestled up against the rest of humanity.

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