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Anti Ron Paul Propaganda and CPAC

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Remember in 2008 when Ron Paul was running for president? Remember how scared the corporate mass media was of him? Remember how they misreported and misinformed the public as to his popularity and the nature of his candidacy? One of the points that was constantly driven home by the mainstream propagandists was that he was unelectable. All one heard despite the crowds, despite the polls and despite the signs and activism was that this man was radical and did not appeal to the average Joe. They would ignore him when possible, did not delve into legitimate issues with him and concentrated on how "crazy" he and his supporters were. They did their very best to minimize the impact he had on the presidential campaign.

After the election was over and Ron Paul was no longer a political threat to the establishment, the media suddenly tried to capitalize on his popularity. Suddenly he was sought after for his views on the economy. Suddenly he was right about so many things, even to those who derided him during the campaign. Suddenly his views didn't seem so "crazy" or radical.

Well, it's happening again. This time it was a pre-emptive strike. Donald Trump, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), decided the time and venue were right to voice his opinion that Ron Paul has zero chance of being elected president. The comment brought both cheers and jeers from the crowd, from what I could tell in about equal amounts. He also mentioned that he liked Ron Paul which I find just a bit hard to swallow after he said such a thing. Perhaps he likes the man personally but does not believe in his ideas. He makes these statements without even knowing if Ron Paul is going to be running for president or not. He didn't really elaborate any more than making those statements. I suppose that as things stand right now he might be technically correct, but there is much about his statement that I take exception to.

It's difficult to tell exactly what Donald Trump meant by the statement Ron Paul has zero chance of winning the presidency. Certainly Ron Paul doesn't stand a chance while the establishment powers remain in charge and are so afraid of him and his message. As long as they continue to use electronic voting machines that take counting the vote away from the public and put it in the hands of a few shady characters, we can't be sure that the voting is fair or equitable. As long as the corporate media remains in the hands of the establishment they can spin his candidacy however they want. He may have a tough time talking about real issues as they steer the discussion in more benign and controversial directions. Yes, Ron Paul might realistically have zero chance of winning an election as they are rigged today, but he would, in my opinion, have a terrific chance of winning a fair election.

What most people, Donald Trump likely included, fail to understand is that many supporters of Ron Paul aren't necessarily supporting the man, they are supporting the message. Not that Ron Paul is a bad guy, he isn't. In fact, he's very principled. One has only to check his voting record to confirm that statement. That's part of what makes him such a great candidate to get behind. He more than simply preaches the message of freedom, limited government and adhering to the Constitution, he practices it. That's the best reason I can think of why anyone who understands what it's supposed to mean to be a real American and independent thinker should back him. He's a rare breed, someone who remains incorruptible despite seeking a position of power.

It seems to me that most people these days think presidential campaigns are popularity contests. They're not interested in thinking too hard about real issues. They don't put too much thought into platforms. They're more interested in the candidate's looks, or their talents, or their presentations. They're more interested in how well they can deliver a speech. They're more interested in feel good slogans and quick sound bites that can stir their emotions. They're more interested in cults of personality. Sure, Ron Paul might not be as glitzy and fancy as some of the neocon candidates that still haunt the Republican Party, but given a fair chance to deliver his message to the American people and let it sink in, I think we'd discover that Americans know their roots far better than they're given credit for and would jump at the chance to rediscover the spirit that made our nation great.

So why do you suppose Donald Trump feels Ron Paul has no chance? Is it because Ron Paul is honest? Well, he certainly has shown that honest politicians can succeed by being elected to the House of Representatives eleven times. Is it because he is a strict Constitutionalist? Perhaps Mr. Trump feels the majority of the American people no longer respect that document and don't expect it to be followed by the representatives in Washington, DC. It is evident that most representatives feel that way. Is it because he knows the cards are stacked against Ron Paul and the elite who run the world would do everything in their power to keep him from being elected no matter how popular he became? Perhaps he believes something far more nefarious would be planned should Ron Paul become too popular and out of control. Perhaps it was a veiled threat? That's unlikely, but possible I suppose. Or maybe, just maybe, Donald Trump is a globalist and an elitist who is using his influence as best he can to get the gullible to believe that Ron Paul is, indeed, unelectable. Well maybe it's time we showed Mr. Trump and his ilk that this is still America and last I heard anyone can be elected president.

The good news is that many of the attendees at CPAC did not listen to Donald Trump. Ron Paul won the straw poll at CPAC for the second straight year, taking 30% of the votes that were cast. Of course the mainstream media is already considering this victory insignificant, but it seems that perhaps real conservatives still inhabit the Republican ranks. These are the common folk who understand what it means to adhere to the Constitution and strive to actually eliminate government excess and cut spending rather than just trying to slow down the speed at which government grows.

The bad news is that the blood thirsty, war mongering, neocon faction still has too much influence in the Republican Party. These people were booing Ron Paul. They have somehow conflated being conservative with supporting wars of aggression and a security police state. They're not for smaller government, they're for growing government in a different direction. I was happy to hear one man in the crowd accuse Dick Cheney of being a war criminal, at least he gets it, but too many others were cheering him on and worshipping him as if he was some kind of idol. If the man were in a position of power in another nation, his actions would have been demonized, but since he is a politician in the United States of America his advocating of torture and other abhorrent methods of waging war is okay? Especially since he's a Republican? Please. Such brutal behavior should not be tolerated by a civil society. Let him join the Democrats, they seem to be the new war party.

It is my sincere hope that Ron Paul once again throws his hat into the presidential ring. I understand that he is older and perhaps not as spry as he was a couple of years ago, but I think the debate needs to continue. I think he needs to keep driving his message home. People are really starting to get it. They are starting to realize that the establishment has been playing the common folk. They are starting to understand that the super wealthy power elite are grabbing for all the marbles and couldn't care less if you end up on the street with nothing and starving to death. They are starting to understand the folly of not remaining vigilant, of not demanding adherence to the Constitution, and how that document was drafted in an effort to prevent situations like the current one from occurring.

Ron Paul is still at the forefront when it comes to the liberty message at a national level. He is not the only one, but he is the best known. More and more people are accepting his point of view and rejecting others. The youth of today are on board with freedom. Perhaps now is the time to ride that wave of energy. Perhaps this is our chance to create change that really matters to the common folk and brings them back genuine independence and prosperity. The next few months should be interesting.

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Comments (2)
  • Frank A. Leonetti  - Ron Paul trumps Donald

    A very good article, this is right on the bulls eye with no bull.

    Ron Paul trumps Donald. Donald was given all his money, just like our government. Donald is a failure at game shows like our government and his hair do is a cover up, like our government.

    Bob Parker, Merv Griffin, Bob Ubanks would make better candidates for Prez than Donald.

    What you said was 100% spot on.....IT MAY NOT BE RON PAUL, BUT HIS
    MESSAGE. It is his message we want in place.

    Frankly, we have got to stop flip-flopping, cut through the crud and either get 150% behind Ron Paul and his message or we will see America auctioned of to the ''lowest ''bidder.

    Szandor, you may want to send this article to C4L or to the Paul site.
    It speaks well of both Ron Paul and his message.

    Best Regards
    Frank A. Leonetti

  • jeff

    Trump is to a shallow prize fighter as Ron Paul is to Adam Smith. One thinks he knows, the other knows.

    One is full of himself, the other full of humanity.

    Need I continue?

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