Your articles are becoming more to the point and much better writen.
I just want to add this.
If a person has the opportunity to observe a tiny newly hatched spider.
It floats on a web trail until it ''catches'' a limb or branch then settles down to spin a web.
Point being this: If you take a magnifying glass and see how tiny this animal is and what it is capable of it is a shear wonder and how large people are and how dumbed down we are.....it is a shame.

The only thing that will come from all this doping of America is Americans that are doped. Sheeps lead to the slaughter house have more smarts than us.

Frankly, Szan, I am beyond sick and tired of this crude. Even if we plan and prepare for any foul times ahead, its the sick minds of a few that we need to get rid of.....NOT RID OUR SELVES.

I don't know how to wake up America. I am losing sleep over all the crud going on and have a very unsettling sense of our current state of affairs.

Articles like the one I just read will help encourage us who are aware, some of what is going on helps, but we need to get the facts out.

People are by nature problem solvers and are not as dumb as a few are given us to be. The bull-loney has GOT TO STOP. The bull-loney machine has got to be turned off. If we want bull-loney we will buy some Oscar Myer.

My best to you and GET THE WORD OUT>>>>>>
Peace Out