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Lest We Forget, the Focus Should Be the Fed

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Well, there certainly is a lot going on in the news these days. Like the old Chinese curse said, we are living in exciting times. There are many uprisings in North Africa. People are dying in Libya and Saudi Arabia as they struggle against oppression. It looks like they may be gearing up to send troops in to "keep the peace" and protect foreign interests.

American workers employed in the public sector have come out in force trying to protect their interests. In Wisconsin, they have even gone so far as to make death threats against Republicans holding office and their families. Oil futures are skyrocketing and gasoline prices increasing across the globe, making modern life more and more difficult for the common folk to afford. It's almost enough to make one's head spin. For me, it has become difficult to keep up and determine what I should write about.

This is all very distracting. Before anything, I'd like to offer my prayers to the people of Japan. The devastation brought upon them by the earthquake and tsunami is terrible and my heart goes out to the victims. My deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones. The videos of the destruction are terrifying and mesmerizing at the same time. I can only hope and pray that the natural disasters have stopped, the rebuilding can start soon and all goes smoothly from here on.

I'd like to wish the best of luck to the people of North Africa and the Middle East in their struggle to achieve the freedom they deserve. I'd like to express my most sincere hopes that they can peacefully achieve regime change and start working toward a more free and open society where the common folk of those nations have a greater say in their own destinies.

I'd like to tell Michael Moore that my money is mine. It is not his. It is not yours. It is not a national resource. I worked for years in a private, family owned (someone else's family, not mine) business for years. I paid tens of thousands in taxes, local, state and national. I feel that money was stolen or extorted from me by people like Michael Moore who feel my money is theirs and a national resource, but were nice enough to let me keep some of it. If I'd been able to keep all that money and do with it as I saw fit, who knows where I'd be right now? I might be worse off; I might be better off, but at least I'd be free.

It's fine if Mr. Moore wants to give his money away to them. Personally, I think there are better organizations to give money to than government bureaucracies as they have proven to be inefficient and consistent failures. It's easy to give away half your fortune or more when you're worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It's a little more difficult when you're struggling to get by, let alone to get ahead, as I'm doing. Mr. Moore can pay his taxes and even pay extra if he wants. He can be a good, obedient slave all he wants and allow the bureaucrats to decide where to spend his money. I couldn't care less. I don't believe, however, that I should be forced to do so also, even if I was numbered among the very rich.

You see how easy it is to lose focus. This is supposed to be an article about the Federal Reserve System and how corrupt it is. But it's hard to think about that when there are so many important news stories happening all around us. It's difficult to think about all the evil the central banks have done, the Federal Reserve being quite possibly the worst, when such terrible and exciting events are happening across the globe. Or is it?

I have understood for some time now that the Federal Reserve and central banking in general has been the cause of many of the man created disasters that have plagued mankind for centuries. When one looks back through history at the causes of many of the wars, revolutions, booms and busts, monetary manipulation and the impoverishment of indigenous people, one finds the fingerprints of international central banksters. It's a matter of asking "Cui bono?" "Who Benefits?"

It's quite simple, really. Pass a law to make paper money based on nothing legal tender. Get the people to accept it by convincing them it is more convenient and easier to work with than specie. Start wars no one can afford and then finance both sides with debt based money so that future generations will still be paying the interest on the loans with their taxes. Create greater demand by giving easy credit so that many can now buy trinkets they don't really need. Take the paper wealth you've created and the profits made from the interest on money printed from nothing and buy up real wealth and commodities created and labored for by the masses of humanity. Pretty soon, you've got all the marbles. When the system crashes, you've nothing to worry about, only the poor slobs who have grown dependent on the illusory system you created will have to worry.

Perhaps the most important battle of our times, perhaps of all times, is the battle to eliminate such financial systems from existence. Forget about the past transgressions for a moment and consider the present and the future. The people who run these operations continue to manipulate and connive for their own benefit and to the detriment of the rest of society. They continue to use their vast wealth and influence to steer mankind on a course that will increase their profits and power, regardless of the cost to humanity, even if it means war, poverty, hunger and the deaths of billions. They simply have no regard for anything other than their personal gain. I'm certain that honest, full investigations unencumbered by political maneuvering and corruption would prove the above statement to be true. A full, complete, honest audit of the Federal Reserve would not only show where all the money has gone, it will expose the inherent fraud in the system and reveal where all the real, material wealth has gone. It would be a good start.

The system of central banking is based on debt. The Federal Reserve system is based on debt. To be indebted to someone means you owe them. It means they can call in a favor at any moment and you would likely feel obliged to help them. In terms of political power and influence, such indebtedness can quickly turn ugly. It can turn a nation into a serfdom and an entire population into sheeple and the slaves of a few. As long as the slaves are living well and are fat and happy, it doesn't seem to matter much to them. They may even believe they are free and self determined. Take that away, however, remove the trappings and make it difficult to afford the basic necessities of modern life, and people will soon begin to realize that they've been owned, or in the modern vernacular, pwned. We can see what happens next by watching the events in North Africa and the Middle East. We can understand how we as a society will be affected by paying attention to the events in Wisconsin and other states which are trying to deal with budget shortfalls by taking from the working class. These occurrences were inevitable and were predicted by so many highly intelligent economists who no one in power wanted us to listen to. Look into it for yourself. Focus on the Fed.

There isn't much that can be done to keep natural disasters from taking over the news cycle. Even if you believe that these disasters are somehow manmade and used as a distraction to keep us from paying attention to other events, there isn't much of a reason to focus on such things. There is something we can do, however, to prevent further, obvious manmade disasters. It is important to remember what institutions have consistently failed. It is important to remember what institutions have continuously lied to us. It is important to remember what institutions have consistently broken their promises. It is important to remember who the culprits are. Then it is important to remember to no longer listen to these institutions. It is important to remember that they do not deserve more power, but instead deserve to be disempowered. It is important to remain focused upon them for they will do everything they can, everything in their power, to divert attention away from their folly and try to blame others. It is important to hold them accountable for their misdeeds. It is important we figure out how to hold them culpable. It is important to get involved in a solution.

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