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Confiscating Liberty, Who are the Real Criminals?

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On November 18th, 2007 an article I wrote and called "Confiscating Liberty" was published. In it I discussed how the United States federal government had confiscated precious metals that had been paid for by citizens of the United States. I discussed how they were trying to put a chill on the exchange of precious metals for goods and services. On March 18th, 2011, I discovered that Bernard von NotHaus was found guilty in a federal court on four federal charges. This verdict does not bode well for anyone interested in freedom and of being able to freely exchange precious metals between themselves on a voluntary basis.

Bernard von NotHaus did nothing wrong. He harmed no one. He simply created what he hoped would become a form of currency that would compete with the Federal Reserve Note. He created a form of currency with real value backed by precious metals as opposed to the Federal Reserve's currency which is based on debt and backed by nothing save illusion. Perhaps that was his greatest crime, that he tried to compete with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a monopoly and they are sorely afraid of competition. They do not wish for their costumers to be able to hold them accountable for providing an honest product by having the ability to go to another provider of currency. They know if that were to happen that they wouldn't be able to continue to pull the scam they've subjected the American people to for the past 98 years.

The prosecution basically hung their case on fraud. They claimed that the Liberty Dollar was a fraud trying to trick people into believing that their silver rounds were "real" money. I wish their silver was real money. That's how it was supposed to be in this country. In fact, in my opinion, silver is more "real" in terms of money than their pretty printed paper. It's also more constitutional, so I suppose it's more legal. I think it is the Federal Reserve System that should have been put on trial here. I think that men like Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, other high officials of the Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve board members and former board members, and certain political office holders and elite should be charged with continuing a perpetration of fraud that was foisted upon the American people in 1913. These people have caused real harm to real people and have benefited from the deterioration of an economic system they control and manipulate.

There is also the crime perpetrated by the federal government against thousands of people who had bought precious metals from American Liberty Dollar. These metals were "confiscated" by federal "authorities" when the American Liberty Dollar offices and the mint they do business with were raided. These people still have not yet received their product. They have the receipts and the metal really did not belong to Bernard von NotHaus or his company, it belonged to the people who paid for it. They deserve their product. At the very least, they deserve to be compensated for their product at today's value, not at the price they paid for it.

If the government decides to keep the precious metal they "confiscated" that would be pure theft. It would be stealing from common folk, not from the rich and powerful. In fact, it would be stealing by the rich and powerful from the not so rich and powerful. So what else is new? I don't know about you, but I think that thieves are criminals. If they decide to only give back the cost paid for at the time to those costumers in lieu of the metal, that is also stealing for the value of the metal has gone way up since the time of the seizure. They would be stealing that rise in value and using it for their own profit.

They claimed that Bernard von NotHaus was guilty of conspiring against the United States government and plotting the downfall of its economic system. In a statement he was more or less accused of being a terrorist. I just don't see that. If the economic system of the United States can be toppled by someone simply minting solid one ounce silver coins then maybe the United States government ought to do some serious thinking about changing their system to offer more value for their dollar.

I'm more frightened by the Federal Reserve system than by those minting one ounce silver rounds. It was their policies that enabled our representatives to be terrorized into approving the mega bailouts of the banks in 2008. Who are the real terrorists? Who is really conspiring to bring down the economic system of the United States? I think the answer is obvious.

I have some Liberty Dollars as well as other one ounce silver coins. I guess that means I am also a domestic terrorist according to the federal government. When I go to a store and pull out my change, the eyes of cashiers are often drawn to the coins. I show them and allow the cashiers to hold them. They can feel the weight. They can see the quality. They know intuitively that these coins have value. The money printed and coined by the federal government and their Federal Reserve cronies is losing its luster. It is time for the common folk to take back our monetary system and make it work for us. It is time to insist on value in our money, not debt, illusions and false promises that end up dashed upon the ground and leaving us grasping for prosperity that once was.

I don't know what was going on in the minds of those people who were sitting on the jury for the Bernard von NotHaus trial. I don't know if they were fooled, bullied, or simply lacked understanding. I do know that they missed an opportunity to help reestablish financial freedom for the common folk of this nation. I do know that they should be shunned by people who believe in freedom. If you are one of those who lost their silver to the federal government, or if you own silver coins and wish to be able to use them without fear of government retribution, or if you simply believe that humans should be free to use whatever form of money they want in exchange for goods and services, then you should politely let these people know that you don't appreciate them aggressing against you and supporting a coercive system. You should let your representatives and those people seeking the power of government office know that you don't appreciate being told what you can use for trade. These discussions need to take place between people so that the immorality of our current financial system can become obvious to all.

The real criminals when it comes to the financial sector aren't the small entrepreneurs trying to create alternatives. The real criminals are the established financial institutions. The real criminals are those who use the force of law to make us all accept debt paper instead of money backed by something of real value. The real criminals are the politicians who continue to perpetrate these frauds, continue to insist on bailing out the "too big to fail," and continue to block efforts to hold the financial elite accountable for their actions that have brought about this current financial crisis. The establishment is worried that one day the alternatives will dominate the markets because of their value, and that's why the real criminals must continue to indict and try those trying to promote the alternatives, for an honest system will undermine their power. As the economy continues to suffer, I believe it will be harder for them to hide and excuse their crimes.

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