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The Fallacy of Peace Loving Democrats

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Back in 2008 a candidate named Barack Obama ran for president of the United States of America. He ran on a platform of hope and change. Basically, he was sold to the American people as an agent of change who would reverse the war mongering, Bill of Rights shredding policies of the Bush administration. As a result, not only was he catapulted into office, but both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate held onto and increased their Democrat majority. The message sent by the American people was clear. They were sick of war, they were tired of policies that trampled on their rights, they'd had enough of big government, and they wanted to reestablish transparency and accountability in the federal government. I remained skeptical at the time and felt the Obama administration would bring none of the change he intimated he would and the best we could hope for would be that government would not increase.

The Democrats didn't listen. The Obama administration hasn't listened. They took a clear and obvious call for more freedom and less government and turned it into a power grab to control even more of the economy by concentrating on health care legislation and passing the monstrosity that has come to be known as Obamacare. Health care had hardly been mentioned during the campaign. It had been more or less a dead issue. It was resurrected, in my humble opinion, to take the focus off the unconstitutional wars that are still being waged, the creeping fascism introduced by the Republicans and the policies of the Bush administration, the economic downturn and the tax funded bailouts of the corporate banking establishment and the too big to fail.

The jury is still out on whether or not even those elected who ran Tea Party campaigns will listen. A politician is a politician is a politician. They lie. They break promises. They say things so that they can get into office and then they wave their middle fingers at the common folk whose votes put them in power and do as they please or as their elite corporate masters command. They show their disdain for you by putting themselves above the law and beyond the reach of those who would hold them accountable.

The peace candidate, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, has expanded a war policy. He has expanded the empire building policy. He is bowing to the globalist agenda and working to create an even bigger government than the federal bureaucracy we now have. He has taken us to war in Libya and is trying to convince us that it is not a war. He is trying to convince us that it will not be necessary to bring in U.S. ground troops. He is trying to convince us that operations will end shortly. I will believe that when I see it. If there is one thing I have learned in my life it is to not believe politicians.

Politicians play with the English language. They think of new words for policies and sprinkle them over their actions like a cat in a litter box covering its droppings to try to hide the reality of what they're doing or what they've done. This "kinetic action" they speak of looks like a war, sounds like a war, feels like a war, and chances are it tastes and smells like a war also. Calling it differently does not change that fact. Using flowery words does not make it smell like a rose.

Bombs are falling. Missiles are being fired. Things are going boom. People are dying. Innocent people are dying, women and children included. This is not a "kinetic action," whatever that's supposed to mean. It is not an humanitarian mission. Bombing people back to the stone age does not help them achieve freedom or democracy, it merely helps them achieve death and poverty. It merely destroys their hard built infrastructure, their way of life, and their independence. The militaries of Western powers are now the organizations responsible for this death and destruction, not Kadafi or his forces. The more bombs dropped, the more missiles launched, the more innocents killed in the name of trying to protect them against an evil dictator, the more hatred is borne for the U.S. and her allies, the more likely some poor Libyan will wish to become a "terrorist" or enlist in Allah's army to fight against the great Satan.

This new war launched makes me ask, "Where have all the war protestors gone?" Is war an okay endeavor now that a Democrat is president? Is it okay because a person with more melanin in his skin than past presidents is now in charge? War is something that should be completely shunned by humanity, especially aggressive wars meant to bring political change to another country. Wars should be avoided at all costs and should only be engaged in as a defensive action when another military force physically attacks or invades. Any other excuse is just that, an excuse, and the real reasons are likely going to be something other than the ones presented to the public.

I now understand that the war protestors of 2008 weren't protesting because of some kind of philosophical anti war principle they believed in, they were protesting as part of a political campaign to help the elite put their man, Barack Obama, in office. Under his leadership, our military remains in Iraq and Afghanistan. Under his leadership, no wars have ended. Under his leadership, more wars are starting. Under his leadership, sick minds continue to commit atrocities across the Middle East. Under his leadership, torture and extraordinary renditions continue.

The nation is broke. It has taken on too much debt to handle. We can't afford another war. We can't afford to continue the ongoing occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. We can't afford to maintain an empire. It is time to shut down operations and bring all the troops from all over the world back home. Think of the money that would save. Think of the problems that could be solved here at home with all that money. We have our own problems we should take care of before we go poking around in other people's business and try to take care of their problems. Obama and the Democrats need to be held accountable for the promises they made. We need to insist in no uncertain terms that they need to make the changes the common folk wished to see, not the changes the corporate banking and power elite had in mind.

Do you really believe that suddenly Obama has become concerned about how a tin pot dictator is treating his people? He is simply following the orders of his corporate masters, just like Bush did. They are simply trying to sell us another war in a manner suitable to his perceived public persona, just like they did with Bush. The "conservative" Republican used the "excuse" of "national security." The "liberal" Democrat uses the "excuse" of "humanitarianism." Either way, it benefits the military industrial complex and the central banks that fund and manage it. Either way, it benefits a globalist agenda and the international corporate elite.

It seems to me that the most suspicious thing that has happened in the Libyan saga so far is how quickly a central bank was created by the rebels. The rebels have taken time off their hard fought struggle to form a central bank? The former Libyan central bank was state owned and charged no interest on loans to the Libyan people, unlike the privately owned Federal Reserve system in the United States. I believe this has something to do with Islamic tenets about banking and charging interest as usury, which is akin to fraud. This philosophy has always put the Islamic world at odds with very powerful forces in the Western world. Perhaps we have more in common with the Islamic people than we think. Perhaps Muslims, Christians and other peaceful peoples who long for the freedom to run their own lives have a common enemy in the world central banking elite.

Americans should be enraged. The reputation of the United States military was already in question for all the bullying it had done. It lost the moral high ground it had enjoyed after the world wars long ago. With the revelation of the Afghanistan kill teams and other recent atrocities it can take its place alongside the most brutal and defiled forces the world has ever seen. It might be able to win any conflict and occupy any nation, but it seems the price for such power is the very humanity of many who serve.

The cry for an end to wars and occupations should be reverberating through the streets of our cities. The demand for the return of our troops to our shores should be so loud that no one could possibly ignore it. Instead, we get pointless drivel coming from the mouths of those who would defend wars of aggression because their favorite politician is in power. Instead, we are engaged in devising excuses for killing and destroying rather than minding our own business and staying out of the internal affairs of other nations. The insanity needs to stop.

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