Thank you for your gift of food for thought. Your article was very well written and makes a number of valid points.
Insomuch as representatives of those who would rule us have referred to human beings as "useless eaters" and repeatedly expressed a desire to reduce the population to a more managable number, does volunteering to be among the reduced, which is what surrendering via peaceful protest amounts to, actually make sense? I can't see serenely handing over my watch and wallet - smiling all the while - to a mugger with a knife resulting in anything but a huge increase in muggings!
Speaking to the unprincipled of principles and their attendant obligations is akin to having someone else's dinner check brought to your table. "I have no obligation to pay this," you'll explain to the waiter, "it doesn't concern me."
While eliminating all hosts would ensure the demise of the parasites, eliminating only the discontented and troublesome hosts, via peaceful / voluntary means or otherwise, would ensure smoother sailing toward their collectivist goals.