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Ron Paul; Exposing Establishment Propaganda Since 1976

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It is no secret that I am a huge Ron Paul supporter. I wrote quite a few write ups supporting his candidacy during the 2008 campaign. I wrote so much, in fact, that it becomes difficult to say anything that hasn't already been said. That's no big deal. There are many things in life that are worth repeating. Ron Paul is the rarest of politicians. He is the embodiment of honesty, integrity and principle. Most people like him would have just given up long ago on the political process and returned to their normal lives where they wouldn't have to deal with so much filth and corruption. Dr. Paul has hung in there since 1976 when he first entered politics in hopes that he could change for the better the way things are run in Washington, DC. He has done so despite the ostracism and derision of his colleagues and their cronies. Now, as 2012 approaches, he is capturing the attention of even more Americans and they are discovering just how manipulated politics and the mass media are.

With Ron Paul's second place showing in Ames and his continuing rise in poll after poll, the establishment media are up to their old tricks. They have decided to ignore him. They have decided to pretend he doesn't exist. They have decided he is not a top tier candidate and that they are not going to discuss the issues with him and take his ideas seriously, and neither should you. It's gotten so obvious that even some in the establishment media, like Jon Stewart, have taken notice. Yet you still have people like this guy who continue to make excuses for the media's biased behaviors.

The mainstream media wouldn't want you to take the ideas of freedom seriously. Gosh no. I mean, we're all free to do as we please in this nation, right? As long as we do as we are told by the authorities and pay our taxes. As long as we continue to mingle with the other sheep in the herd and don't go out of our way to test new waters. Just let the establishment media worry about who's electable and who isn't. Let them worry about who's top tier and who's not. No need to worry your little head over such matters, the nice talking heads on TV and established pundits in the established newspapers have already done the thinking for you. And they are so much smarter than you. Just move along now, nothing to see here.

And that's not even mentioning how much more restricted your thinking is supposed to be just because you're Republican. Why, Ron Paul can't be the Republican candidate for president because he's against the wars. We can't have Republicans being against the wars! They have to be for death and destruction and mayhem, it's the Republican way! Being against the wars is for those peacenik Democrats. Unless, of course, the wars you're talking about are the ones that the current administration is involved in, those wars are ok. Hmm, I guess maybe there's no place for the majority of people to go on this issue.

But Ron Paul is against the war on drugs! You can't be a Republican and be against the war on drugs! How is that even possible! Being against the war on drugs is a Democrat thing. Why, just look at how Obama has advanced the policy of more tolerance in the drug war. He's done so much for the advancement of medical marijuana and getting the federal government to back off peaceful people who are just trying to provide medication for sick individuals. Oh, wait, he hasn't done that even though he promised to. State sanctioned medical marijuana dispensaries still have to worry about federal authorities cracking down on them. It seems that maybe here's another issue where the policies of neither party reflects the opinion of the majority of the people.

I could go on. Time after time, issue after issue, politicians, especially federal politicians, do as the ruling elite wish, not as their constituents wish, often while breaking promises and principles they campaigned upon. A quick look at the recent bailouts, the health care laws, the rights killing security laws, laws creating organizations like the TSA and other bad laws which have increased the powers of the state while violating individual rights and reducing personal choice confirms this.

Ron Paul has a record of consistency that is second to none. He speaks what he believes and then he backs his words up with his actions and votes. Agree or disagree with his principles and the policies he advocates, one knows where he stands on the issues. He will not intimate a policy of peace and then send troops off to fight foreign wars. He will not state a policy of no nation building and then set out to cause a regime change and add to an empire. He will not advocate a complete audit of the Federal Reserve and then back off when a partial audit is done. He will not advocate free market reforms and then create more regulation and legislation to tie the hands of those who would otherwise provide competition to the established corporations. He will not advocate smaller government and then vote to increase the debt ceiling, hence the size of government. He will not advocate a more transparent administration and then proceed to create more secrecy and punish more whistleblowers than any other previous administration. I have trouble believing that any threat or any attempt at blackmail would cause him to dismiss his principles. With Ron Paul, what you see is what you get, and I believe that is why the establishment is so afraid of him, tries so hard to ignore him, and wants you to believe he is unelectable.

I think Ron Paul is a serious, top tier presidential candidate and would do well in either party because he is what most voters want in their candidates. I don't know about anyone else, but I want honesty in politics. I want dignity. I want principle. I want transparency. I want a return of the protection of individual rights as promised in the Constitution and I want to be able to hold elected officials accountable when they engage in corrupt and fraudulent activities. I'm not saying that Ron Paul would be able to completely end corruption in Washington, DC, but I think an administration run by him would have a far better shot of bringing about the things listed above than any of the candidates backed by the establishment.

The problem is a problem with perception, not with reality. In reality, if enough people support any candidate and will vote for him, he is electable. The establishment media does not want to focus on such facts. They want to focus on personalities. They want to focus on electing people who will bend to the will of the power elite. Anyone who challenges that status quo is a threat and the media lapdogs of that power elite will set out to neutralize that threat as best they can. These people don't want to discuss real issues. They don't want to discuss ideologies that haven't been cleared by their authoritarian masters. They want to discuss why one personality is more politically viable than another and what issues one must concentrate on due to his party affiliation. It is important to remember that most other candidates running for the Republican nomination are not there because they are populist candidates, they are there because they gained power through the power elite. They owe their allegiance to some establishment entity or another that has likely made them very rich, not to the common folk.

It is time the common folk showed the power brokers that they no longer trust them and will no longer listen to the propaganda they spew. It is time we put our man in office. I think Ron Paul's ideas of liberty are sound and his desire to honor his oath of office and adhere to the Constitution of the United States of America is admirable. I think that if enough people hear that message that they will once again have hope and will shed the apathy instilled in them by the futility of the one party with two faces system that has sadly been the norm in this nation for too long. Those people, the ones who have given up hope and so they no longer participate, are the ones this message should appeal to the most. I think the majority of Americans are still freedom loving individualists, and I believe that this majority can catapult Ron Paul to victory.

Personally, I'm tired of this federal government. I'm tired of the politicians. I'm tired of their lies. I'm tired of their arrogance. I'm tired of them ignoring my concerns. I'm tired of them telling me what to think. I'm tired of them telling me how to spend my money. I'm tired of their failed, one size fits all solutions. I'm tired of their trying to take care of everyone from cradle to grave. I'm tired of them trying to be everything to everyone.

I've heard that the definition of insanity is to keep trying the same thing over and over again and to hope for a different result. Isn't that what we've been doing with the political process for decades? When we elect those who merely pay lip service to principle, we will only get lies and deception. When we elect those with globalist agendas, we will get more globalism. When we elect those with collectivist schemes, we get more collectivism. When we elect those with a record of nepotism and corruption, we will get more nepotism and corruption. Why do we keep listening to the establishment media and letting them tell us who's top tier and who isn't? Their record is as dismal as any establishment politician's. It's time for real change. It's time for real hope. You say you want a r3VOň©ution ? It's time to give Ron (Paul) a chance.

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