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The Untimely Death of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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It has now been more than ten years since about three thousand people were killed in a crime perpetrated by, well, it really isn't quite clear who perpetrated the crime. There are all kinds of theories and suggestions proffered as to who is responsible for the crime and how it was really carried out. I think that if one looks into these theories and possibilities with an open mind it might surprise many the evidence that contradicts the "official" theory as to what happened. As one looks more closely at all the events of that day and weighs the preponderance of evidence the "official" story that was reported by the corporate media becomes less and less likely to be the real story as to what actually happened. Still, many people simply shut their eyes, put their heads down, and refuse to believe that they are being emotionally manipulated by the powers that be.

I mention 9/11 because of all the propaganda that I saw surrounding it's ten year anniversary. Has it been ten years already? Can't they just let that old wound heal? Do they have to keep opening it up, keep making the dread and horror felt on that day bubble to the surface? Of course they can't. The powers that be want to keep you in fear, want to keep you confused and uncertain. They want you to turn to them in your hour of emotional distress and ask for their help. Of course, they will only be too glad to help you, if you simply let them impose upon your individual rights, just a little, just enough to take naked body scans of you and grope your sexual bits at the airports.

The worshippers of the state will cry "Foul!" at the slightest suggestion that there was any sort of conspiracy at any level of government that led to the 9/11 attacks. They can't admit that the state, their god, is anything other than perfect and loving. No one involved in government could be that evil to plan that type of attack. Even if it's pointed out how the federal government was at the very least so inept that they utterly failed that day the state cultists will make excuses for their divinity of choice, talk about all the good people that are trying to do their best for humanity inside the bureaucratic structure such as it is, and that if we just give them more power to violate individual rights that all mankind will be safe from all the boogiemen of the world and we will no longer have to worry. There are some people who simply refuse to grow up.

There is good reason to believe in conspiracy, even at the level of the attacks of 9/11. First off, there is history. History shows us that as far back as Nero and the burning of Rome, perhaps even further back, those at the top echelon of the government structure were willing to sacrifice the common folk if they felt such sacrifice would be to their benefit. There were the Maine, the Lusitania, the McCollum memo, Operation Northwoods, the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty, to name a few. Those conspiracies were meant to goad the nation into war. Then there were the assassination conspiracies, the Kennedy's, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, and even Ronald Reagan which seemed to pit men advocating freedom and individual rights against the secret power elite.

Of course, of the above the John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy is the most famous. For decades many argued in favor of the Warren Commission and that Lee Harvey Oswald acted as a lone gunman. Those who disagreed with this were oft times labeled as crazy conspiracy nuts. Presently it appears that the majority of the populace in the United States actually believe the conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination, yet nothing is done to hold anyone accountable. We even have the deathbed confession of E. Howard Hunt, a known CIA operative, yet nothing is done to try to hold those who are still alive and showed either malice or incompetence accountable. What good would that do nearly 50 years later? Well, it might just show some people that heinous acts are not to be tolerated and that justice can catch up even decades after the fact.

The debate about the 9/11 conspiracy theories, however, have been lively over the past ten years in large part due to the Internet. With this tool, people can examine and review the events of the day as never before. Contradictions between the official story and video and eyewitness evidence are glaring. Omissions from the official 9/11 report and the questionable manner in which the investigation was carried out is disconcerting. Even the manner in which events unfolded on that day and the speed at which the perpetrators were identified are matters for concern. Yet it wasn't the corporate establishment media and their crack investigative teams that uncovered these troublesome anomalies, it was normal people like you and me. We have entered into a new era where we no longer are forced to believe what the establishment tells us due to a restricted number of media outlets, we have entered an era where we can investigate on our own and determine for ourselves what we believe the truth is using a myriad of sources.

So, with all this magnificent technology opening the minds of so many, why is it that lately I've been hearing so much about the death of 9/11 conspiracy theories? Well, as was pointed out to me recently, perhaps it's because it seems as if nothing gets done about it. It's sad to say, but it reminds me quite a bit of the JFK assassination. Many people disbelieve the official story, but no one seems to care that no one is being held accountable. No one seems to care that there are no "official" investigations going on. No one seems to care that those speaking out are still being shouted down by the establishment media and the propaganda machine is still backing the "official" explanations. People continue to just duck their heads and go along to get along.

So what if the conspiracy theories are even true? What are you going to do about it? Do you think the establishment powers are going to investigate themselves? Did anyone even get fired for the gross incompetence that was apparent on that day? Did anyone at the top of the food chain, any of the political elite, get so much as a slap on the wrist, a finger in the face and a tsk, tsk, for messing up big time? I think not. In fact, it seems to me that those who should have, at the very least, been fired and shamed for their gross incompetence and bald faced lies were in fact slapped on the back, given a "good job" compliment and even promoted. No one could possibly have imagined planes being used as bombs, we were told. That, too, was a lie.

Instead of firing the entire administration that allowed such an event, one that should have been extremely difficult for foreigners living in caves halfway around the world to accomplish, the lawmakers of this nation decided to give the executive branch even more power by passing draconian, freedom crushing legislation. Instead of dismantling the intelligence mechanisms that had failed so miserably and investigating them for possible culpability in perhaps the most heinous crimes in history, the elected "representatives" of this nation decided to centralize and militarize the policing agencies to an even greater extent multiplying by many times the extent of the corruption that can now take place. Instead of launching an investigation to pinpoint who masterminded, who helped, and who should be held to blame for the crime and then going after the individual culprits through international policing means, the politically elite of this nation launched wars that would kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocents who had nothing to do with the event.

Now we live in a police state where those who are supposed to be public servants have become the privileged masters. Now we are suffering from a failed economy. Now we have to pay for jailed people who have harmed no one, for the unemployed, and for many others who have been removed from the productive sector of the economy and moved in one way or another to the sector that leeches off the tax dollars of the common folk. Now we have shoveled trillions of dollars that had to borrowed into wars that have produced nothing but misery for millions, but have provided profits for a few in certain established corporate interests. Now we have to live in a world where those who were grossly incompetent and failed utterly were not held accountable for perhaps the most epic fail in history, they were rewarded for it and obtained greater power. Oh yeah, and nothing changed in 2008 when those who weren't paying attention were fooled again by nebulous promises and propaganda.

So, what are you going to do about it? Have the 9/11 conspiracy theories met their deaths? Are they meaningless and ineffectual? Those in power aren't about to give it up. They are a one trick pony that only have fear, coercion, threats of violence and actual violence to enforce their will upon others. It will take some innovation to combat that. It is easy to react to it, to meet violence with violence, but those in power will only use such a reaction as an excuse to escalate the violence. I don't think that's something very many of us want. Besides, that would be playing to the state's strength. It would be nice, however, to get the boot of tyranny off our collective throats.

I believe there are several things that need to be done if we are to shake loose of this collectivist system and return to the individualist model fought for by the founders of this nation. First, we need numbers. As it stands, there are always more people waking up, so to speak, but there are still too many who are dazed by the establishment propaganda or remain apathetic. Talk about 9/11 conspiracies calmly and rationally if you must, but back off anyone who becomes agitated and overly emotional. They are not going to be convinced regardless of any evidence you might present and you will want to show others around who might be more open minded that you are the rational one and the supporters of the official version are the ones likely to resort to emotional bullying techniques.

Don't try to force your views down people's throats. Express your point of view, but don't harp on it unless those you are talking to seem interested in listening. Make your points, and then shift the conversation over to a discussion about the value of liberty. Talk about freedom and free market solutions. Use the morality aspect. Some people will hem and haw about such ideas, but seeds will be planted. People tend not to listen when they first hear something, but if it is repeated to them a few times, especially from different sources, their interest becomes piqued. Certainly the corporate media is going to try to avoid such a discussion, and they will try to spin it to make it look like collectivist solutions are better if the subject comes up, so the more real, common type folks discussing these ideas in pubs and meeting rooms across the nation, the better.

If you can, become active. Participate in gatherings and protests if possible. Brace yourself, because as this movement becomes more influential the state will try to squelch it and may resort to violence. They can get pretty sneaky about this, so keep an eye out for any fellow protestors who might want to engage in violence and if you spot some like that, try to use other peaceful protestors to help keep them in check. You don't want any agents provocateurs ruining your day. If the state does start something, be ready to take some pages from Gandhi's and Martin Luther King's books and take some lumps. Public perception is extremely important and you don't want to be seen as the aggressor, but the innocent victim simply trying to exercise a God given human right.
Bring a video camera. One that streams directly to the Internet is best. This isn't the 1960's anymore. The corporate media is going to continue to try to ignore any freedom protests as they do not want to give the impression that such a movement is gaining popularity or public support. It is up to the common folk to do the reporting now. Let everyone see just how violent agents of the state can be. Once again, public perception is important. Perhaps even some of the mindless zombies who can only follow orders and lack the ability to tell right from wrong can be shamed into inaction. If the militarized police start to disobey and decide to honor their oaths to protect the Constitution instead of cracking innocent heads, then the establishment is indeed going to have problems.

So long as 9/11 conspiracy theories can continue to open the minds of some who are willing to consider them and expose the incompetence and utter failure of the established political structure, I don't think they should be proclaimed dead. Winning back our freedoms and returning to the principles our nation was founded upon likely will not be easy. Showing others how illegitimate the authorities have become is also a difficult proposition. We need to become an authority unto ourselves. Justice might never be served for the crimes that some of the ruling elite have engaged in, but the least we can do is to try to wrest their power and authority from them. We should use all the tools available to us to accomplish this. Nothing will change until those in power realize they can no longer get away with secrecy and conspiracy and the government won't become open and transparent until enough of us care to make it so. The corruption will not go away until those who engage in it are exposed and shamed by their actions and the risks of engaging in such activities outweigh the benefits.

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