Very well said. I can agree with everything you pointed out. - I do have one problem, not yours though. That is that the bigger part of this nation of people will not look past the nose on their face when it comes to speaking up and taking that stand against this out of control government and the police thugs that are head bashing ready to usurp their oath to the constitution and the people of this nation. Of all the people I know, and that is a lot, only one of them understands what I am talking about when I bring these kinds of issues to his attention. The rest of that many, though they know me well, and many of them love me no matter what, their eyes get that, 'Oh, boy, here he goes again with his conspiracy talk.' What those people had to say about the OWS groups was the same as what they think of me when I attempt to tell them we are headed for terrible trouble in this nation. As long as those people that will not lift a finger to fend off the takeover of this nation, I don't see the Lord God moving to protect anyone here, except maybe those that follow His directions on a daily basis. Even so, remember there were millions in Russia/China/Europe and Germany during WWll that didn't see the hand of God in deliverance. Yes, there are those that did, but for the most part, too many didn't do what was needed before hand and they had to be left to themselves. I see that coming this way in today's America. And, not just here in the states, but worldwide where only handfuls speak out against the actions of the US/UK/France/Israel/NATO/UN and all those puppet nations that follow along for a piece of the pie.