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Corporate Mass Media and the Secret Empire

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Not too long ago I read a story about a court case in Georgia involving the current president of the United States of America and whether or not he is legally eligible to hold that office. I'm not big into the whole Barack Obama birth certificate thing because I think that nearly all politicians at that level are going to be puppets of the elite, but isn't it interesting to observe the reactions from different quadrants? Personally, I was surprised to hear that a court in this country would even hear this case, but I think it's great that one finally did. That in and of itself should have been big news, but the fact that Barack Obama himself was subpoenaed and neither he nor his lawyer showed up to refute the evidence presented makes the story even bigger. Think for a moment what would happen to you and your life if you deliberately ignored a court's subpoena. Now, Barack Obama decided to ignore the court even after his lawyer's argument that a sitting president is too busy to deal with such constitutional matters was rejected, yet nothing of any consequence happened to him. Is that equal protection under the law? I think not. Perhaps that's the real story. It seems the president in this country is above the law, even the supreme law of the land that is supposed to be implemented to restrict his power.

I am reminded of a story I was extremely interested in and wrote a couple of articles about a few years back. A couple in New Hampshire, Ed and Elaine Brown, were summoned to court to answer charges of tax evasion. They didn't believe there was a law requiring them to pay income taxes and as much as said so. The court refused to allow them to present over thirty different defenses for their actions to a jury. At that point, the couple figured the court system to be unjust and corrupt and so refused to take part in their own railroading. At that point their house came under siege by federal agents. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Barack Obama. Wouldn't that be something, to see the White House surrounded by federal agents as Mr. Obama refuses to surrender? I very much doubt that will ever happen. Perhaps if he decides to become a tax protester? Maybe not.

This isn't the only time that what should be a major news story is all but completely ignored by the corporate mainstream media. An interesting example is the Ron Paul phenomenon that's been going on for quite awhile now. It seems that when people wake up to the message of freedom they feel empowered and many will do what they personally can to help spread the message. That's why one sees so many Ron Paul supporters actually becoming involved while supporters of other candidates simply sit in their chairs, watch the tube and huff and puff about how "crazy" those Ron Paul people are. They prefer to sit in denial and vote for politicians that have proven themselves corrupt rather than look into a candidate who has a verifiable record of honesty, or they'd just as soon vote for a continuation of the criminal status quo for fear of what real change might bring to their personal lives.

Here's something that made me go "hmm." There was a special late night caucus in Nevada involving orthodox Jews and other religious folks who couldn't vote on the Sabbath and had to wait until past midnight. These are folks you would figure would be voting for anyone other than Ron Paul because they would disagree with his stances on foreign policy. Somehow he managed to capture 58% of their votes. I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that they counted the votes, on paper ballots, right there in front of everyone so all could see. Complete transparency makes it very difficult to rig an election. Just saying.

Well, I guess that election fixing isn't really all that important to Americans, at least not if you ask the corporate mainstream media. If it was, maybe they'd pay more attention to Bev Harris at Black Box Voting who's been investigating such accusations for years. Seems that maybe our elections aren't so fair and honest as the corporate media would have you believe. But, hey, the people of the United States aren't raising that much of a stink about it and most people line up on election day every four years to cast their vote for president and slink away for another four years believing they've done their bit to maintain a free society. Why get any more involved than that?

One might ask the questions, "Why would the press not want to report such important stories? Wouldn't breaking such news stories help increase their circulation or viewers? Wouldn't that lead to more earning potential for them?" These are valid questions and the answers would be "I don't know" and "yes" if we had a truly free press in this nation. The problem is we haven't had a free press in a very long time, if we ever truly had one at all. The most watched networks and the most read newspapers are owned by a very exclusive group of but a few people. These people are very wealthy and very powerful, and they certainly do not want to easily surrender that power. If you think any of these corporate news entities are going to honestly inform you, think again. Sure, they might report honestly on some stories of no real consequence, but anything that has to do with issues that will be truly important to the way the world works and how that affects your life, forget it. They are going to either ignore such issues and hope you do too, or "spin" (a code word for lying or disinforming) them in such a way to help their friends and colleagues benefit.

Controlling the dissemination of information and keeping knowledge hidden in order to obtain more power and wealth is nothing new. It goes far back into the ethers of history, perhaps to the very beginnings of organized society. We can certainly trace it back to the beginnings of the Christian church and the council of Nicaea where certain books were included or excluded from the official version of The Bible. It took over a thousand years and the advent of the Guttenberg press before Martin Luther could begin to spread a viewpoint alternative to that of the church to the masses of humanity. Since that time the powers that be have been trying to put the genie back in the bottle and limit the freedom of the press through fear, force and coercion.

For a time it looked like this tyranny would end with the creation of the United States of America. It's constitution guaranteed that government would not violate the freedom of the press, nor the natural individual right to speak one's mind. This did not guarantee, however, that influential media outlets would not be purchased by very wealthy and influential men and then cartelized to the benefit of other wealthy and influential men and institutions. Certainly at one time these powerful media outlets may have somewhat served as a watchdog to government corruption and a disseminator of honest, factual information, but those services were slowly eroded over the decades as editorial liberties were slowly tightened due to financial considerations from advertising clients. The mass media slowly bent to the will of corporate interests to the detriment of the interests of the common folk.

Today's corporate media is not there to inform or investigate or even care about the truth or principles. They are there to entertain. They are there to sell product. They are there to market the agendas of those who pay them the most money. It seems to me that is how they operate. They've sold out to the corporate elite long ago and now their job is to keep the masses mesmerized to the extent that they don't even know which issues are important to them and which are not. This is why they ignore Ron Paul and politicians like him, they don't want to bring the freedom debate to the fore and they certainly don't want to talk about the criminal reality of the Federal Reserve and central banking in general. That is information you simply don't need to know, and it's only the tip of the iceberg.

There is a secret empire in this world. It has been growing since the end of the dark ages. It's roots may even go further back. This empire knows how to manipulate masses of humans. They know which strings to pull, which buttons to push. They know how to use this knowledge to their advantage. This secret empire has discovered that the best way to stay in control is to remain hidden from view. They set up a curtain of politicians to help accomplish this. You cannot vote them out of office, for they buy the office, not the person holding it. They cartelize the important products and services to give the impression of a free market with plenty of choices when behind the scenes they are friendly toward each other and work together to prevent competition from materializing, let alone getting a foothold in the market.

I believe that thought is possibly the most powerful force on Earth. The secret empire of international corporations realized long ago that they could harness this power through the power of mass media. They realized they could market their soft tyranny through such mechanisms. They realized they could make people believe that war is peace, ignorance is strength, truth is false, and reality is what they say it is. I think they underestimated the human mind. I think they underestimated the human desire to determine one's own destiny. I think they underestimated the human capacity to understand what's really going on when presented in the correct manner.

It took a thousand years before the Guttenberg press was able to break the Church's chokehold on information. It has taken less than half that from the time the Guttenberg press was invented until the time the Internet was started. I wonder if the powers that be foresaw the power it would have in terms of disseminating information. I wonder if they underestimated what it could do. I know that now the powers that be are trying to put the Internet genie back in the bottle by attempting to regulate its content. I know they have passed laws that can disappear people indefinitely and without trial simply for using it for political dissent. They simply have to make the accusation that such people are terrorists. This is chilling. These are interesting times we are living in. Will freedom win, or will tyranny? Only time will tell.

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