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The Groping, Power Grabbing TSA Scam

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The TSA has become a poster child for government intrusion and ineptitude. It really is one of the worst excuses for a government program ever created. I've seen people refer to the TSA as anything from Thousands Standing Around to Total Sexual Assault. I have one of my own, Truly Scamming America. The only agency I can think of that is more hated by Americans would be the IRS. Yet there are still those who apologize for this horrendous boondoggle. There are still those who believe the hype and propaganda that helped bring about the agency in the first place. Perhaps for them there is no help. Perhaps they will always pray at the foot of the gigantic holy owl known as the federal government. Perhaps there are some people who will always wish to be enslaved, who need to be told what to do or they would be lost. I can only hope that one day they will come to understand their true power and the pride liberation brings.

I think that many people have problems with the TSA. I know of at least a couple of people that would have flown somewhere a few times in the past couple of years, but they've decided to drive or to not travel at all because of the TSA. If I know a couple, I could only imagine the thousands of others I don't know who feel the same way. I know that tourism to the United States is way down because of how travelers are treated by the TSA. Not too many people from Europe want to come here to vacation anymore. Most people probably couldn't care less about this, but there are many in tourist areas whose livelihoods are directly affected because of this.

There are plenty of people who have to travel by airplane, however, and these people have continued to clamp their mouths shut and go along to get along. They grumble and complain quietly, but they do little to stop the abuse because they feel they have no other choice. The establishment media continues to showcase the few who shrug their shoulders and claim we need to submit to authority to maintain our security. They ignore the mostly silent grumblers and portray the active dissenters as a few crybabies who may perhaps have mental issues. As time goes on, however, it is the dissenters who have been shown to be correct and the establishment that is proving itself to be inept bullies that couldn't care less about security, human rights, or any principles that made this nation great and help us all to prosper.

The TSA could only exist as a government creation. It would not survive in the free market. If the airlines were responsible for providing for passengers' security, the ones providing TSA style security would likely soon find themselves losing costumers to airlines that provided less intrusive and more effective security practices. But it's not just about providing security, it is about control and teaching people to be obedient. It's a big scam designed to make a population that has a history of freedom and independence accept the dictates of a ruling class. As has been reported in the news, TSA style security, as inept and poorly received as it has been, is expanding to other venues and even to sporting events. The mission creep is undeniable.

Providing security, even crappy, low level security is big business. Much of that business has gone to people and businesses with political connections. Billions are spent, all of it wasteful. Take a look at this simple chart created by It is straightforward and easy to understand. This shows just how wasteful they've been and how completely worthless they are. If you look into the facts and study sources other than those with conflicts of interest and you still somehow believe the TSA is necessary and doing a good job, I'd have to wonder about you.

Someone's in denial here. It's either the people who still trust that the government is working for them and keeping us safe, or it's the government itself. Either the people are in denial and believe that the TSA is doing a good job and keeping us safe, or the TSA is in denial and believes that most people appreciate the job they are doing. Either way, the denial needs to end. Either the people need to admit that the TSA is a total failure and security needs to be provided and paid for by the airlines, or the TSA needs to admit that the silence of those who go along to get along does not equate to consent and that the majority of people think they're too heavy handed and intrusive.

So what if the body scanners manage to take naked pictures of people like we dreamed those x-ray glasses in the back of magazines would do when we were kids? We're all adults here, right? We've all seen penises, breasts and vaginas before, right? I mean, it's no big deal if they see yours, as long as we're all kept safe, right? Besides, they promised to just look at the bluish, shadowy, negative type pictures, right? They promised not to save any of the pictures, right? And if someday these images manage to find their way onto the Internet and we all get to see what you look like naked, it's no big deal. We're all adults and professionals, so there'd be no reason to be embarrassed.

As for the radiation, there's nothing to be concerned about. They just raised the amount of radiation units your body can handle, so everything's fine. You're exposed to less radiation than when you fly, at least according to government sources. You believe them, don't you? And don't worry about the TSA agents who sit by those radiation cookers all day long, they have great insurance. I'm sure they'll be covered, that is if they can prove that the naked body scanners caused the maladies they come down with later in life.

Government doesn't care. The facts come out and they don't care, they simply ignore the facts or make up their own. People protest and they don't care. They're voted out of office and they don't care. Nothing changes. They're making their money. They're in power, even behind the scenes. They've got their monopoly privilege and they're not giving it up. They've created the TSA, and I believe other alphabet agencies, not because they care about protecting you as they want you to believe, but as a scam to justify breaking the law that is the Constitution of the United States of America. They've created it as a justification to violate your rights. They've created it to control and manipulate your emotions so that you will submit to their demands. You stay scared and they stay powerful.

I don't mean to make it sound hopeless. In fact, I think that every act of defiance brings new hope. I think that every new jab at the TSA weakens them. I think every time some person or group points out their flaws it takes away a little more of their legitimacy. I hope that the political pressure to end the TSA remains high. I hope the protests continue. The TSA shows the seedy underbelly of what a police state looks like and what an out of control, centralized, representative republic can become if allowed to escape the bonds of the laws that are supposed to chain it down and limit it. I hope to see plenty of people out protesting this year, both for the Occupy groups and for the Tea Partiers. I hope to see both groups promoting their freedom aspects and shunning their collectivist views.

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