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The Michigan State House Vagina Dialogues

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So, this Michigan state congress woman said the word "vagina" on the floor of the Michigan state house while debating new regulations on abortion in that state. Because of this, she was banned from speaking on that floor anymore. It seems when I´m on the road or otherwise out of touch, that´s when the real important things happen. Goodness, a Michigan state representative saying the word "vagina" during a floor debate about abortion, how awful! How could they let this happen? Oh, the humanity of it all! Something like that needs to be broadcast over all the worldwide news networks so that it can be shown that Michigan Republican lawmakers will not tolerate the use of such a word in a debate about the regulation of females´ reproductive organs!

It was reported that many Republican congressmen were "offended" by the use of the word "vagina" by the congress woman Lisa Brown. They felt the use of that word was inappropriate. I guess this was because she personalized it and said, "Finally, Mr. Speaker, I'm flattered that you're all so interested in my vagina, but no means no." Now anyone who might think that personalizing legislation makes speaking about it inappropriate please keep in mind that if the legislation directly affects you then it is personal. This kind of legislation does indeed affect all females and therefore Ms. Brown had every reason to make it personal since she is a woman.

As she pointed out, one wonders if such offense would have been taken had she said "elbow." But then, that wouldn´t have made much sense. I wonder if there would have been such offense taken if she somehow managed to work in the word "penis" in a debate about abortion. Perhaps not, after all many of the Republican lawmakers that were offended by the use of the word "vagina" are probably much more familiar with a penis than with a vagina. Hmm, that might have come out wrong.

What´s so wrong with the word "vagina" anyway? It seems like a fine word to me. It´s so warm and inviting. Just say it real slow. Vah-gi-nah. See, it´s not a bad word. What word was she supposed to use? Was she supposed to refer to it as a who-ha? Of course, if one is a puritanical, sexually repressed authoritarian the idea of a vagina might offend you even if you´re talking about regulating them. They wouldn´t want the scientific term brought out to point out the personal nature of the legislation. One might wonder what they´re really trying to repress when they claim to be so offended. One might wonder exactly who they're trying to silence when they prevent a representative from representing.

While this didn´t happen at the federal level, one might wonder what the hell the Republicans in the state of Michigan are thinking to allow such a thing to happen. As the economy continues to slump they have a real chance to wrest power from the Democrats. All they have to do is keep from looking stupid in the public´s eye by saying something stupid like they are offended by the word vagina. All they have to do is keep from becoming oppressive authoritarians, or at least keep from looking like they´re oppressive authoritarians. So what if she referred to her vagina in a speech on the floor about abortion legislation? Just let it go. You only do yourself harm by making such a big deal about so inconsequential a thing.

Not that it matters to me one way or another what statist party has power, either in Michigan or at the federal level. They´re all big spending, big government power grabbers. None of them have done a thing to scale back government. Not one of them has done a thing to repeal unconstitutional laws. Not one of them has done anything to correct the corruption that runs rampant through the public sector. They´ve done absolutely nothing to restore the balance between the public and private sectors and to help restore sanity to the economy. This isn´t about whether a certain word is appropriate to say on the floor of a state house, or whether someone is offended or not, this is about control, pure and simple. This is about power, authoritarian power. This is about trying to legitimize the violation of natural human rights.

Do you want to know what offends me? It offends me to hear that some old curmudgeons were offended by what one of their fellow representatives said on some state house floor. It offends me that those who were offended hold any power over the lives of others. It offends me that they let innocuous words hold such sway over their emotions. It offends me that there are people who would tread upon the right of a person to speak her mind freely in a venue where speaking freely should be of the utmost importance. It offends me even more that such a violation would be brought to bear upon a person who supposedly represents more people than just herself. It offends me that this was reported on when there´re so many more important things happening in the world. It offends me that such stupidity was even brought to my attention.

What´s even more offensive to me are the innocents that are dying over in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Middle Eastern countries due to drone attacks by our federal government. It offends me that so much tax money went into bailing out the big banks and the super wealthy that didn´t need cent one from the American middle class. It offends me that the government of the people, by the people and for the people no longer cares what the people think. State governments should be offended by the power the federal government exercises over them, not by some word spoken by an elected official on the floor of the house during the course of a legislative debate. They should be worried about protecting their citizens from the overbearing federal government, not about becoming overbearing themselves. There are simply so many more important things to be offended over than the word vagina.

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