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Healthcare Insurance and Who Really Controls the Supreme Court

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Once again, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has made a terrible decision. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. They have a history of making very poor decisions. Sure, they make some good, constitutionally sound decisions, but every once in a while they make decisions that make one scratch one's head. The recent decision on the personal mandate on so called Obamacare is such a decision. It has left more questions than answers. It has widened a divide that has been growing since this poorly worded and even more poorly thought out legislation was passed.

There were many who thought that a reversal of this legislation was in the bag. They were hopeful this unconstitutional, job killing, business ending burden on the American people would be struck down. That hope was killed much like the hope that Obama would actually bring viable positive change to this country died in less than a year after he was elected. But, as I said, the decision of the Supreme Court did not surprise me. What did surprise me is who sided with those who think government can dictate to individuals what they can and cannot buy in the marketplace. Chief Justice Roberts, who was supposed to be loyal to the Constitution, has wiped out years of principle and shown that he no longer has any fealty to that document.

I wonder about Justice John Roberts' change of heart. Could he have been paid off? Could he have been somehow blackmailed? Could he have been threatened? Could powerful entities have threatened his family? Could his decision to help shred the Constitution be politically motivated? Could he be under pressure by powers greater than his to destroy the spirit of the Constitution and the founding documents? Why him? Why not one of the other so called "conservative" justices that would be more likely to lean toward socialistic devices? Is there some greater plan here to make Obama's insurance scheme (designed by Romney) look more acceptable to conservatives?

Is my paranoia showing through again? Have I stepped over some line by asking such questions? Why is it so many are so scared to investigate such questions? We all know that behemoth international corporations have taken over governments and are maneuvering to destroy all competition, right? Insurance companies are some of the richest, most powerful corporations in the world, right? Are we in denial as to who is really in control here? Do we really believe that the Supreme Court is going to side with individuals with so little power and protect their rights? Not when there's this much money and power at stake.

Let's take a closer look at what the majority said. They made the claim that Obamacare was constitutional because it was a tax, not a mandate. Well, that makes me scratch my head. In the first place the whole Obamacare debacle was not supposed to be a tax. It was supposed to be something to help the poor afford healthcare. It is anything but that. It was supposed to be something to force corporate insurance companies to cover expensive procedures so that people wouldn't go bankrupt when they got ill. It doesn't do that either. It is a boon for the insurance companies. In fact, the insurance companies wrote the law. People who are depending upon this law and the government to take care of them when they get older and come down with cancer or diabetes or heart disease or some other end of life condition are in for a rude awakening when they go to cash in. This is not a tax, it's a mandate that penalizes you if you try to pay a doctor directly for his services, or choose to pursue a natural cure rather than the AMA sanctioned treatment. It is a mandate that forces you into their system and could ultimately kill you.

In the second place, what exactly is a tax if not a mandate? Are the judges saying that this tax is voluntary? Is it voluntary like the income tax was supposed to be where you go to jail if you voluntarily decide not to participate, or is it voluntary like the Social Security tax where one finds it nearly impossible to find a job or participate in society in general if they voluntarily decide not to participate? If so, then why are the fees, fines and penalties put in there if you choose not to participate? If this is a tax, then it should be an unconstitutional tax. Regardless of the constitutionality of this kind of program in terms of the word of the law, it most certainly should be struck down when considering the spirit of the Constitution, the founding documents, and the principles which are the solid foundations upon which this nation was built.

Of course the judges on the Supreme Court hardly ever consider the spirit of the Constitution or the other founding documents. They twist the words of those documents into something that benefits the corporate interests that own the government. In this case it's the very wealthy insurance companies who stand to make billions when people decide to buy crappy insurance they can't afford rather than pay the government thousands in fines they can't afford for not having any insurance. It's a sick collectivist scheme that steals money from most people at a time of economic turmoil when they need it most for other more immediate concerns.

The Supreme Court decision has once again divided the populace rather than uniting them. Of course this could be part of the plan. I even heard the suggestion that Chief Justice Roberts flipped to the other side as a political ploy to raise the ire of conservative Republican voters in an effort to get Romney elected. I don't think Romney is the right man to repeal Obamacare as it is his baby in the first place, but the suggestion was nonetheless interesting and does make sense in a twisted way. If that's the case then the Chief Justice's actions have risen to the level of treason and the blood of the first people who die due to "unintended" consequences of Obamacare should be on his hands.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Congress to repeal Obamacare. We have all seen just how much they listen to us when they decided to bailout the "too big to fail." They don't listen to us. They listen to their bosses with the money. Don't forget, the insurance companies are part of the financial sector that is supposedly "too big to fail." The only hope we have is to stop obeying.

Certainly, the states could start exercising their tenth amendment rights and nullify the federal law, but I doubt much of that will happen. A couple of states have made some noise to that effect, but they more or less back down when the feds flex their muscles. It is up to us to not consent. It is up to us to simply ignore the law and do business directly with health practitioners. It is up to us to refuse to pay the fines when they are levied. It will be up to grand juries to refuse to indict and regular juries to refuse to convict those who are accused of not having health insurance. The people will have to reverse this monster of collectivism on their own, just like everything else, because neither the politicians nor the judges are going to do so.

The funny thing about all this is I suppose I should be happy about this ruling. I am, after all, a very poor man who remains unemployable and has to scratch by as an unappreciated author/blogger. This law was meant to help people like me. I have to laugh because I realize something. Politicians serve one class, the corporate elite. Judges serve that same class. That's how it's been for millennia. That's how the royalty of old kept power. They never have and never will serve the economic class I currently find myself in.

This nation was established in an effort to form a system that would protect the smallest minority, the individual, from such a powerful ruling class. When you see a law such as Obamacare upheld by the Supreme Court you should know in your heart of hearts that such protection no longer exists. Neither will laws like The Patriot Act and the NOAA be overturned when they are challenged. Face it folks, the individual is not protected by government, corporations are. Now they are protected against the people. Now they have been given the power to tax the people when the people don't want to do business with them, at least according to the Supreme Court. If that doesn't make them part of the government, I don't know what does. Your rulers, who can impose laws and taxes upon you, are no longer elected, they are now officially those who sit on the board of directors for international corporations.

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