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Peaceful Terrorists, Violent State Reactions

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There's a spiritual practice in China called Falun Gong. It's a practice that involves meditation, slow movement (qigong), and high moral standards (Buddhism and Taoism) which is supposed to eventually lead to spiritual enlightenment. Practitioners are taught the virtues of honesty and compassion among other things. They are peaceful and well behaved people who wish only to delve deeper into themselves and learn to be the best humans they can possibly be. So why is it that the Chinese government decided to crack down so hard on those who practice Falun Gong? What is it about this practice that terrorizes those at the highest level of the Chinese state?

There is a history behind peaceful movements being brutally suppressed by oppressive states. We can go all the way back to the Christians of the Roman Empire and even before that to see this. There was Gandhi's movement in India and King's civil rights movement in America. Why are so many peaceful movements so violently opposed by establishment organizations? Even the recent Tea Party and Occupation movements have been made up mostly of peaceful people looking to peacefully change the establishment system. The Ron Paul Revolution emphasizes love and peace.

Why are these movements cracked down upon? Why are they so demonized by the establishment? Why would organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center make the claim that freedom loving, peaceful, normal, every day people who simply wish for their voices to be heard are terrorists? That is an awful claim to make. It is, in my opinion, fraudulent, malicious and can cause harm and violate individuals' rights. I think those who make such claims should be investigated to find out why they've made them and if they're being purposely malicious and fraudulent.

That said, I believe the realities of why these movements are so strongly opposed go far beyond the obvious. I believe it goes beyond the physical world. I believe there is a deeper truth that the powers that be don't want us to find out about. I believe there is a spiritual awareness that they don't want us to find. I believe they would go so far as to kill to keep such knowledge from becoming generally accepted by the masses of humanity. There is a dark side to spiritual awareness, and that dark side wants to remain hidden. It wants to use fear to maintain control over the human race. It worries that too many might discover this. Those who use the power of the dark side worry that if this happens, they will lose control, and maybe something else.

What if a great many of us were to discover that this three dimensional reality really was just an illusion? What if we were to discover that there was a much greater reality beyond the veil of our limited physical senses? What if we were to discover that we really are all connected at a higher level and that hurting another is tantamount to hurting yourself? Would that make people behave differently? Would that be a threat to those in power?

Agents of the state sure act like it is. Their superiors who give them their orders certainly act like it is. Certainly they can't believe that such promoters of peace and even tranquility pose a clear and present danger to their physical well being. Do they think that peaceful people are suddenly going to become wild eyed maniacs, produce weapons from under their garments and start blowing well armed bureaucrats away? Do they believe that someone in search of Christ consciousness or some deeper spiritual truth is suddenly going to become a maniacal killer? Do they believe that people who want to change the world through peace, love and practicing higher moral principles are going to kill thousands of people by planting bombs and flying airplanes into buildings? If they do, then I think they're aiming at the wrong targets. That just doesn't seem likely to me.

Even if I'm wrong, even if there is no spiritual threat to the establishment elite going on here, there is no reason for the state to overreact so. Unless, that is, there are subtle reasons not readily apparent. Perhaps it is because they like being seen as significant and legitimate. Perhaps peaceful people challenge this. Perhaps peace loving individuals who refuse to participate in their system can expose their illegitimacy. Perhaps those who chose to remove their consent from those who would govern can expose how insignificant the state and its agents really are. Perhaps that would explain why those in control of such a powerful state like China would be so terrorized by a group of people publicly practicing Fulan Gong or something like it.

But then, doesn't the arrest of such peaceful people expose the criminal nature of the state? Doesn't it expose a reality as frightening and painful as the exposed nerve of a tooth? Of course that only works if others see the abuses and speak out against them. The agents of the state who crack down upon the peaceful will only feel shame for doing so when the multitudes shame them. The sheep who have seen their fellows go into the slaughterhouse and not come out will still go into that same slaughterhouse when it is their turn. They will not leave the corral even when the gate is open so long as there is food to be had and the flock is around them. Are we nothing but sheep, doing nothing, saying nothing, when our fellow peaceful human beings are kidnapped, tortured and abused? If that's the case, then don't be surprised when you find yourself stuffed in a cage and perhaps tortured by a sadistic agent of the state for doing or saying something you thought was perfectly safe and legal and harmed no one. We can no longer afford to make excuses for the state. We can no longer afford to go along to get along.

The peaceful people, those who protest and want change and those who simply want to become the change they wish to see, are not the terrorists. Those who terrorize them are the terrorists. Those who operate for the state against the people, against the masses are the terrorists. They are the ones who will most likely initiate the violence, even though they'd like you to think otherwise, even though they'll try to make it look otherwise. We need to record the violence. We need to make them look at it. They need to look in the mirror and see the ugliness they embody. Perhaps then they will come to understand the violent nature of the organization they work for. Perhaps then they will find it easier to say "no" to their orders and refuse to harm peaceful people.

So what is it about peace and love that makes authoritarian globalists and the establishment elite quake in their boots? I don't know. I have my thoughts and suspicions, but I can't say for certain. Perhaps it is as simple as they're afraid of being made insignificant and illegitimate. The ego is a powerful force. Perhaps it is something more spiritual. Perhaps it is something even far more sinister, something so evil and unimaginable as to be completely unbelievable to the masses of humanity. It truly is difficult to say. Perhaps I should go meditate on this. I hope I don't get arrested and tortured for doing so.

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