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The World Needs More Courageous and Prominent Whistle Blowers

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Are you afraid? Are you shaking in your shoes? If so, why? What are you afraid of? If not, why not? According to many sources, you're supposed to be. The economy is collapsing. Currencies are failing. War is on the horizon. It's all part of a grand scheme devised by an all powerful elite ruling cabal. There's something I've noticed about fear. Fear can freeze people. It can keep people from moving forward. It can stop people from doing something they should do. It can even make some of them act in immoral ways and then they will make excuses for their actions or inactions later. Fear is a very powerful force.

There are good people who work in positions where they see things going on which are unethical, immoral and even criminal. These people keep their mouths shut because they're scared. They want to keep their jobs. They want to keep their pensions. They feel their entire future is threatened if they speak out. It is possible that they worry they might lose their freedom. They have seen some whistle blowers speak out and end up in jail or worse, an injustice so despicable it should lead to the imprisonment and complete ostracism of any who would perpetrate it.

Sometimes the people they work for are so powerful that they might even be scared for their lives. It's even possible in some cases that they feel fear for the fate of their families should they speak out. I wouldn't be surprised if there are people in positions of power these days who are so criminal as to hold no regard for even the flimsiest principles once held by the most hardened mobsters. It's no wonder these people put their heads down and simply do their jobs and keep their mouths shut. Sometimes the best they can do for their own sense of morality is quit, but even then they feel they must remain quiet in order to stay safe.

A few decades ago it seemed that powerful forces in this world were out to destroy the principles upon which this nation was built. Fascist and communist powers were building collectivist societies and trying to force the rest of the world to accept their power systems through military force. Brave men and women were armed and mobilized to take on these threats. I imagine there was much fear back then as well armed forces of many nations faced off against each other. Men had to overcome their fears to perform the courageous deeds of warfare that helped to defeat those forces of collectivism and secure the principles of individualism upon which such a powerful nation was built.

Unfortunately, even as victory was fresh and our nation was thrust into prominence upon the world stage, we as a people forgot to honor the basic principles which had enabled our nation to achieve greatness. A more subtle form of collectivism that had been instilled much earlier in our history began to erode the foundations which had made this nation such a superpower. The economy boomed largely because we were nearly the only industrial nation that hadn't been devastated by war. Government began to regulate and grow. Corporations and industries grew and gained privileges. Not much was said by the working class because the future seemed so bright.

Slowly, subtly the corruption crept in. The corporations and financial sector were able to use their fantastic wealth to influence politics more than ever. They developed their own agenda and formed their own global vision which would allow them to control the human collective. As long as the economy boomed, not much was said. Even when a president was assassinated and a coup took place at the highest levels of government, there simply weren't enough people coming forward, nor enough honest reporting from the media, nor enough independent thinking to create the public outcry needed to expose the cover up and wrest power away from the moneyed elite. Whistle blowers were buried instead of elevated and honored for their heroic actions.

Now the corruption is everywhere. It is in everyone's face. The criminal element has taken over. They have criminalized freedom while legalizing their own criminal activities. They have trashed the Constitution. They run around unfettered by the law they are supposed to obey while arresting common folk for merely speaking out against their injustices. They are regulating the middle class out of existence while creating corporate/government cartels to control all aspects of life. Still, too few in the system step up to say something. They are still too frightened. They are the cogs that keep the machinery of government churning away and they say nothing as the criminal element operates with more and more impunity.

These souls are on the front lines of a subtle, undeclared war the elite corporate class is waging against the common folk. This war threatens our way of life with as much certainty as those authoritarian, collectivist nations did when we fought against their way of life in the 1930s and 40s. The difference is the war is not as overt. The difference is the war is not fought with bombs and bullets, but with deceit and disinformation. The difference is that the soldiers don't even know they're soldiers, let alone what they need to do to fight the enemy. Information needs to be revealed and disseminated. The truth needs to be told and the criminality needs to be exposed and punished.

Those who merely follow orders need to overcome their fears and speak out if they see something criminal, immoral, unethical, or unjust taking place in the bureaucracies which have become powers unto themselves within the system. They need to speak out despite the risks if we are ever to reestablish the principles upon which our nation was founded. If one whistle blower is struck down, another needs to rise up and take their place. The higher up the chain of command, the better. The more prominent the whistle blower, the better. The criminals need to be given no respite, no place to run, no excuses to make, until even the most sheepish person has to realize that our political, financial and corporate systems are so inundated with corruption as to be unsustainable if we are to remain a free and moral society.

What the world needs now is more whistle blowers, not less. It needs them to be honored not punished. It needs their allegations to be investigated, not whitewashed and covered up. What the world needs is for those in prominent positions to speak out against the current, corrupt state of affairs that promise nothing but further decline and more of the same. What the world needs is to leave no uncertainty as to the depth of the criminality. Maybe then we can at least rid ourselves of the psychopathic control freaks that have grasped the reins of power. Maybe then we could at least expose those who are really at the top of the power structure for the puppet masters that they are. Maybe then we could start building a freer society with a more transparent power structure where those who exhibit criminal, immoral or unethical behavior are truly held accountable for their actions and not elevated to positions of power over others.

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