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RNC Cut Off Their Noses to Spite Their Face

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A few years back I wrote about the death of the Libertarian Party and how their pick of an unprincipled presidential candidate killed it. I remember back then a number of liberty minded folks resigning their memberships from that party. Now it seems the Republicans have done something similar. I have never been a member of the Republican Party, but if I had I certainly would be damned angry at the way they treated Ron Paul's supporters. I obtained permission to post this letter to the Republican Party from someone who was a member but has decided to resign her membership. I wonder how many others feel the same? I've heard similar stories. Perhaps they're throwing this year's election? I'll say this much, after exchanging many emails with this pleasant woman I think it's safe to say that she will not be voting for Barrack, but she also won't be voting for Mitt. Oh, and if you think the Democratic Party cares more for its membership then look at the voice vote it took about God and Israel. They don't care about you, they only care about power. They only care about telling you what to do. I guess the time to vote independence is upon us. Here is the resignation letter in its entirety:

Donna Coe

Park City, Utah

I am writing to you today to express my concern for the recent actions by the RNC and the Romney campaign. The calamity of events that took place prior to the Convention, as well as during the Convention, calls attention to the biased and unethical treatment of Congressman Ron Paul and his delegates. What follows are the reasons I am resigning my membership with the Republican Party.

The RNC and the Romney campaign took great pains to stifle Ron Paul and subsequently denied the Congressman his hard earned speaking role at the Convention, denied his delegates their right to nominate the Congressman from the Convention floor and changed party rules arbitrarily and without notification at the county, state and national level. In Maine, where an all-Paul delegation was selected in their caucuses, the delegates were stripped of their delegate slots by the RNC and replaced with Romney delegates. If this wasn´t enough, the RNC continued to disenfranchise Paul delegates who were seated at the Convention, by ignoring their votes in the roll call on the Convention floor.

While these practices are reprehensible, team Romney went one step further with an attempt to cut even deeper…right into 2016. Lawyers for Mr. Romney proposed rules that would give the 2016 Republican nominee, (who will likely be Romney if he wins in 2012), the power to control who will be chosen to be delegates at the next National Republican Party Convention. A compromise was finally reached, but it may not be enough. According to Doug Wead who is a Senior Advisor to the Ron Paul Campaign, "What Romney got instead, with his personal envoys, Ben Ginsburg and John Sununu directing, was a plan that allows states to pick their delegates but "bound" their vote to the beauty contest vote. In some respects this is the way it had been prior to the primaries and caucuses, but the RNC got something more. They got the right for the RNC to change the rules right up to the next Convention. These new rules were voted upon and passed, but only because Morton Blackwell and other Ron Paul delegates were kept away from the Convention. The bus taking them to the Convention was apparently hijacked, claiming to be lost and circled the Convention grounds for hours, with delegates screaming, "Let us off this bus." A day before the Convention there was a rally for Dr. Paul and during the rally Doug Wead was interviewed. Mr. Wead revealed a few details of the Romney-approved plan to persecute Paul and his followers and forever change the direction of the Republican Party. In one of his comments Mr. Wead said, "Now that the new rules were rammed through, there are 10 men sitting in a room that are in complete control of the Republican Party and who will get the nomination in the future."

This is disgraceful when we seriously considered the consequences of the unethical actions by the RNC, the Romney campaign and Romney´s lawyers. It underscores an absolute power grab by Mitt Romney by changing the rules in his favor and by eliminating the possibility of a grassroots challenge in the future. These practices should not be accepted by supporters in any political party. The objectives of a political party must be to preserve the trust of the electorate, instill fair treatment for all candidates and ensure a fair and equitable voting process. The only way this can be accomplished is by preventing loopholes that will arbitrarily change the rules and skew the results to favor one candidate over another.

In a fall race where it is likely that many states will be decided by narrow margins, the disregard for Ron Paul supporters could come back and haunt the RNC. However, considering their actions there is only one conclusion. Their treatment of Ron Paul and his supporters was a calculated risk; a risk Mr. Romney was willing to take. Instead of uniting the party Mr. Romney risked losing any support from a twelve-term Congressman, whose devotion to our Constitution is unquestionable and whose supporters have tripled during this elections cycle. The results are undeniable. The RNC and Mr. Romney have risked losing the election by casting Ron Paul supporters and their votes to the wind.

There is something else the RNC risked. If we consider fair and ethical standards and compare those standards to the practices recently used by the RNC, they risk that their unfair and unethical actions will forever be linked to the fraudulent treatment of Ron Paul and his delegates. It´s unfortunate the RNC does not understand that devotion to Ron Paul is grounded in principle not personality. The movement led by Dr. Paul will continue in many forms, and not only in the world of pure politics. Ron Paul inspired liberty movements not only in the United States, but also in Europe, Africa and even Korea. We will continue to spread the message of individual liberty far and wide.

With no calls for unity and a campaign that has perfected exclusion the door to the Republican Party is closed. They will not listen to new ideas, or the voices who insist that we honor our Constitution. My efforts and passion for political activism must now be carried on outside the Republican Party.

In honor of Congressman Ron Paul and twenty-four years of upholding his oath of office, I resign my membership with the Republican Party.

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  • peter kenny

    Add me to the list of those that will not be voting Republican for the first time in my life. 53 years of age. 6 dependents. Zero votes for the GOP. I have given the maximum legal amount to a GOP candidate in every election including off years. Not again. I know it doesn't count for much but I couldn not help but notice that I/We are not alone. Even the attempts by Rand Paul to pick up the peices are falling on deaf ears. Out of the over 6,200 invited to his book signing in NYC tomorrow, only 150 have confirmed. His endorsement of Mitt while his father was still in the race will be his defining moment. Rand is a fraud.

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