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Politicians, Language and Control Mechanisms

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"If you got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."
Barrack Obama

I realize that the above quote is taken out of context and that some people will argue that its simple reading isn't what Barrack meant. I know they'll say that he was stating that government has built the infrastructure upon which business is built. That might be technically true, but there's a couple of problems with that. First off, I think Barrack means just what he said in that simple sentence. I think he believes that because he has never done anything worthwhile on his own, he's always had someone holding his hand in one way or another as he's made his way through life. People seem to forget, both his father and his stepfather were men of power and privilege. He was brought up as a child of power and privilege. I think Mitt probably feels much the same way Barrack feels, though he likely would claim just the opposite. A politician is a politician, and politicians lie and break promises.

Another point is that just because the infrastructure was built by the government doesn't mean it wouldn't have been built if the government didn't do it. The fact is, we don't know what kind of a job a true free market would have done in building infrastructure. People seem to forget that at one time roads were private, yet many were still free to travel upon. The fact is that humans, when looking to benefit themselves, will look around their environment and use the tools they see at their disposal to build a better life for themselves if possible. Ancient humans would pick up rocks and sticks to use for their benefit and modern humans learn to type on keyboards and surf the Internet. Just because they use the infrastructure to build a business upon doesn't mean somebody else made it happen. You did the work, you should keep the profits.

Politicians love to twist words. They love to convolute concepts. That's because they love control. Think about it for a second. What do they call themselves? Among other things, they like to be known as lawmakers. Ooo, they make the laws, not you or I. They like to make it sound like they're special, like they're better than everyone else. They're not. In many ways they often demonstrate that they are the lowest of the low, and it seems to me more so the higher they get up the political ladder. What is a law, anyway? Mostly, it's a form of control. Mostly, it's words on a piece of paper that expresses how someone else feels you should behave. Mostly, it's something that dictates how you must interact with someone else or face the threat of government sanction, which can include fines, prison and even death. And most laws make crimes out of voluntary behaviors that victimize no individual.

The concepts they have twisted the most, and the ones that give them the most power, are the concepts of theft and fraud. They've done this by changing the words around and making these concepts seem moral and just to everyday people. For instance, they call theft "taxes" and say they must have them in order to provide you with certain services.

"Wait a minute," I've heard some people argue, "Taxes aren't theft. They're a necessary evil. Society couldn't operate if there weren't taxes. What about the roads? What about the schools? What about police and firemen? What about the courts? Who would provide us with running water? Who would take care of the poor and downtrodden? How would the country defend itself?" Etc., etc. etc.

These are all fine questions with really unlimited answers. The truth is, I don't know how all that would shape up without taxes, but I somehow feel that things would work out. Anyhow, that's missing the basic premise of why taxes are theft. To me, theft is when someone either takes my property without my knowledge or permission, or steals my property using some kind of force, coercion or threat to my life or well being. My property includes the money I've earned. Theft occurs when my money is taken involuntarily from me. Taxes are not voluntary. I only pay my taxes because I am afraid of going to jail if I don't. That sounds pretty involuntary to me, and very coercive. The immorality of taxes is clear.

You say you pay your taxes voluntarily? That's fine with me. I will allow you to do that, just as I will allow you to give voluntarily to your church, and that's how I feel government should operate. The question is, will you allow me to not pay my taxes just like you would allow me not to give to your church? No? You think I ought to pay my "fair share"? What is my "fair share"? Maybe you think it's 10%. Maybe he thinks it's 25%. Maybe they think it's 50%. Maybe those getting the money think it's 75%. I think it's 0%. I think that maybe I should have to pay only for the products and services I use, and I think I should have choices that are provided from people other than the monopoly that calls itself government. There should be alternatives.

All I ask for is that I get to keep what is rightfully mine, what I've rightfully earned. All I ask is that I get to decide what to do with my earnings, not some politicians in some far off place who use them for their own agendas and self aggrandizement. All I ask is that I be left alone to make decisions for myself.

Politicians also use fraud to hang unto power. We all know they make promises they don't keep, but they also make promises they shouldn't be allowed to keep. They promise to steal from one group of people (the rich) to give to another group (the poor). In this way they want to be viewed as some kind of Robin Hood. What we seem to forget is that Robin Hood stole from the aristocracy (the government) and gave back to the people the money was originally stolen from in the first place (the tax payer). This little tidbit of information seems to be lost on many people. There is a vast difference between the rich who have earned their money honestly and the very wealthy who have used government force to obtain ill gotten gains through such means as government granted monopoly privilege and overbearing regulations and licensing schemes that create financial barriers to limit competition.

The best example of this that I can think of is, of course, the Federal Reserve. They have a monopoly on currency creation. This monopoly was granted by a few men who knew how to pull certain levers of power and circumvent the checks and balances that likely would have prevented its creation. Check into its creation for yourself. Read G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island." Ask yourself, why would such wealthy men go to such lengths to create the Federal Reserve System? What was in it for them? Do you truly think they did it for humanitarian purposes, as they would have you believe? What did Mayer Amschel Rothschild mean exactly when he said "Let me issue and control a nation´s money and I care not who writes the laws."?

Do these central bankers think they're above the law? Economic law? Natural law? The Constitution of our great republic? Do they believe they control everything, and everyone? Do they believe they own everything, and everyone? Do they still hold fast to the old belief system of the divine rights of kings? Are they jealous of the American dream of freedom and self determination? Are they really out to destroy such whimsical fantasies?

One thing is certain in my mind, these men wield tremendous power over our political system, far too much power. The politicians go out of their way to try to protect them. They make certain secrecy rules. They cover up or keep under wraps any nefarious dealings. They write laws to prevent close scrutiny of their activities. They prevent even their own organization from competing with them. They spew propaganda declaring that they are too big to fail when the too big should fail. They break and repeal old laws that might stand in the way of their complete economic domination over mankind. If the above questions are to ever have light shed upon them, we will need to sweep aside the politicians and the media lackeys who are protecting them.

There's one more fraud that seems to me has been perpetrated upon not only the American people, but people all over the world. That fraud is the notion that corporations, in particular extremely large multinational corporations, are straight forward businesses. I'm not talking about small time businesses that have incorporated, I'm talking about the supposedly too big to fail corporations that have formed cartels. It seems to me that these corporate interests have manipulated the public sector to do their bidding and are working to centralize their influence and rid the world of honest, hard working small business folk who might threaten to actually compete with them. These corporations have formed marriages with many governments, and there's something about the marriage of corporations and government that just doesn't sit right with me, more so if the corporation is a polygamist.

I know some small businesses have incorporated and some feel that they have to in order to compete and protect themselves. But there is a price to be paid. Remember, a corporation is a legal entity. Laws are written by government. When one becomes a legal entity, one becomes a government entity to a certain extent. When one has agreed to follow the government's set of rules in exchange for a measure of protection, one has given up a measure of one's sovereignty. One must follow government rules and regulations, even if they are contrary to what one might feel is best for the operation of the company. One is also subject to more expenses and higher taxes as a corporation, which is why government likes it. In a way, one purchases an insurance policy from government by incorporating. So, if one incorporates, in a roundabout sort of way, somebody else is helping to make business growth happen. A more accurate statement might be "if you have incorporated, someone else is making it easier for you to take risks." And now we have come full circle.

Politicians use language as a mechanism to gain control. I said earlier that politicians lie and break promises, but perhaps that's not quite accurate. It's more accurate to say politicians misrepresent their positions, or omit certain facts, or phrase their statements such that it sounds like they're stating something when they're actually stating something different. They don't break promises so much as they make ambiguous promises that can be fulfilled regardless of the harm their actions may cause. They certainly don't want to be perceived as liars and cheaters, even if that's exactly what they are. They want you to consent. They want you to do as they say even if you disagree with their policies. They want to easily control you, even when you feel wronged. They want you to remain the willing slave you are. They want to rule over sheeple, they do not want to serve a nation of free people.

It's time to stop listening to the propaganda and start judging by actions. It's time to get rid of the elephants and donkeys who haunt the halls of congress and replace them with free and independent human beings. It's time to dissent, or at least to support those who have the balls to dissent. It's time to say "no!" to the mandates and the dictates. It's time to stop shaking in your shoes and worrying about security. It's time to instead stand up tall and worry about freedom. It's time to restore the blessings of freedom so our children don't have to live their lives on their knees and dependent on others. It's time to enforce the Constitution. It's time to deny consent.

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