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Does the GOP Care About the General Election?

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Recently I engaged in posting lists of questions on my facebook page in an effort to get people to think about the paradigms they base their political opinions upon. I'm trying to get them to realize that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. I'm trying to get them to realize that when they vote for Democrats or Republicans they are voting for their own enslavement. It is not an easy task as most people prefer to live in a state of denial where they believe government loves them, knows what's best for them and strives to protect and provide for them. They will not admit that the whole system has become corrupt and cares only about preserving itself. That would mean having to discard lifelong beliefs and many are simply too psychologically weak to do such a thing. They simply don't want to face the possibility that their whole world has been based on lies and that their lives are not theirs.

This year, with the advent Ron Paul's quite successful run for the presidency, many a Republican has come to the conclusion that the political process is either broken or was never truly set up to represent the will of the common folk or to make life better for the grassroots. I say that Ron Paul's run was successful not because he became the Republican nominee for president, which he didn't, but because he managed to awaken so many Republicans who might have otherwise still been blindly and blissfully following the party line like sheep being led to the slaughter. It's too bad some similar phenomenon didn't happen on the Democrat side of the equation as far too many of them seem satisfied sucking on the teat of big government and begging to be taken care of. They just don't seem able to come to the realization of what for many is the very first step toward awakening, the realization that both parties are the same.

Mitt Romney is an obvious puppet, a man who should have never sought the GOP nomination. He is such a Democrat as to have designed the cornerstone of the Democrat Party's greatest so called achievement, the overblown healthcare bill that no so called congressional representative ever had a chance to fully read and comprehend before they voted for it. They are both bought and paid for by the same financial special interests. They are so alike they might have been raised in the same collectivist family. Their ideals are so similar that it has become comical to watch the Democrat zealots derisively pointing out Mitten's faults while ignoring the same faults in their man Barry. With the disgraceful exclusion of Ron Paul supporters and the false pageantry of Mitten's coronation, the Republican Party made it clear they couldn't care less if they win or lose the election, they just want to be certain one elitist, collectivist puppet or another gets selected. As such, they don't care how many Republican faithful they've lost. The Republican Party might very well have destroyed the last vestiges of its credibility with the selection of such an obvious anti-conservative.

Our government has become a criminal enterprise. The Constitution has been violated a thousand ways till Sunday. Politicians don't give a crap about it because the people don't give a crap about it. As long as the government gives the common folk a bit of money, or the illusion of security, or the illusion that they'll be taken care of, or something to make them feel good about themselves, or some other crumbs that fall from the table where the ruling class gorges itself, they'll let the government get away with doing the things it was never authorized to do. Whether the people are unwilling or unable to enforce the Constitution and limit government as it should be doesn't really matter in the long run. All that truly matters is that the criminals are getting away with their crimes and the more people that recognize this problem, the better.

It was for this reason I started asking questions of people. Since the Democrats didn't have a Ron Paul they could listen to, they need something else to jump start their synapses (as do Republicans that actually think Mitt Romney is conservative). They didn't even get the benefit of having someone run against the incumbent this year and so they didn't even get to see one of their own compare their glorious leader to the neocons they have come to despise, even though he is more neoconish in some aspects than the most hated Bush ever was.

If you are going to participate in the masquerade that is voting, then I suggest you cast your vote for anyone other than the two establishment cronies that they have picked for you. If you're worried about a vote for this person being a vote for Mittens, or a vote for that person being a vote for Barry, relax. It's all pre-ordained by the powers that be anyway. After all, if you don't understand by now that the true power isn't in the hands of politicians, if you don't understand that the powers that be wouldn't leave such an important decision in the hands of the unwashed masses, then you're awestruck by the illusion and not peeking behind the curtain to see what's really going on. Below are some questions to ponder that will hopefully help to shake the awestruck from their collective trances.

Are you stuck in a political rut? Do you believe that societal problems can only be solved by use of government force? Are you of the opinion that there are only two sides to political problems? Do you believe that we are all too stupid to figure out how to solve problems on our own and that politicians are smart enough to do so? Do you think we have to vote for one of two nimrods for supreme leader?

Are you better than me? Are you better because you're a Democrat and I'm not? Does that make you more concerned about social issues than I am? Are you better because you're a Republican and I'm not? Does that make you more concerned and knowledgeable about economic issues than I am?

Do you think that because some libertarian believes something that I must also believe the same thing? Even if he's a famous libertarian? If that libertarian were to say something really stupid would that mean all libertarians were really stupid? Are there issues much more important than the stupid thing the libertarian said? Would people latch hold of what that libertarian said, rub it in the face of all libertarians and then claim rhetorical victory and moral superiority? What if I was an anarchist, would that make me a bad person? Are you being active, or simply reactive? Are you truly putting thought into your political views and actions, or are you merely doing what someone else is telling you to do and feeling what someone else tells you to feel?

Have you given away your power? Do you know what's best for you, or does someone else? Does the school know what's best for your child, or do you? Does your insurance know which doctor is best for you? Does the government know which insurance is best for you? How much responsibility for your life have you given over to others? How much of that trust has been abused? How much choice do you truly have? How much of your choice and responsibility are you willing to relinquish?

Do you believe in democracy? Do you think there is wisdom in crowds? Do you believe the majority always knows what's best? Do you think it's ok for 50% + 1 to tell the rest of us what to do? How to think? How to feel? Do you think it's ok for 50% +1 to force everyone else to behave in a certain way? To buy certain products? To pay for certain services? To force people to use certain services they may not want to use?

Do you believe it's ok if the representatives of the majority force people to behave in certain manners? To pay for and use certain goods and services? Do you believe it is ok to murder one person if everyone else wants that person dead? Would it be ok for 99% to kill 1%? If so, what percentage would that stop at? 98% to 2%? 95% to 5%? 90% to 10%? 80% to 20%? 60% to 40%? 50% + 1 to everyone else? If not, is it because you believe that individual rights should be honored no matter what the majority thinks? Do you believe that people put in power really know what's best for everyone simply because more people voted for them?

Do you still believe in democracy? Do you believe the federal government of the USA is a democracy? Do you believe it is based on democracy? Do you believe the founding fathers meant for it to be based on democracy? If you still believe in democracy, is it only good if it benefits you, when your principles, ideals and agenda are supported by the majority, or would you happily support the majority even if you disagreed with them? Even if it was detrimental to you? Even if it interfered with your natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Would you disobey bad laws because they are bad even if the majority agrees with the laws, or would you merely say nothing and go along to get along? How extreme would those laws have to become before you said or did something about it? Should we always go along with the will of the majority, or is honoring the natural rights of individuals a more important principle and actually better for the greater good?

Perhaps the time has come to evaluate other options and to stop doing what hasn't worked so far. Perhaps it is time to realize that voting does not work, that change for the better has not happened through using the ballot box. Perhaps we need to ignore the ruling class and start living life as the free people we are. Perhaps it is time to support those who decide for themselves to do so. Perhaps it is time to stop aggressing against our neighbors and start honoring their choices. Perhaps it is time to deny consent.

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