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Gatekeepers and Funding the Media

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You want to know something about gatekeepers, I can tell you something about gatekeepers. I've been dealing with the publishing industry most of my adult life. I got involved with writing partially because I would read best sellers that were written like crap. I didn't understand how these people ever got published. I knew I was a better writer. I knew I could tell a better story. Yet somehow, no matter how well written the story, no matter how unique the idea, I only ever acquired rejection. Even when I managed to find publishers and editors who appreciated my work, even when I found those who knew the difference between a writer with an original vision and a hack who just imitates the popular meme of the time, those publishers proved powerless against the industry giants and the economic currents of the times.

The fact of the matter is, if you wanted to be a successful writer, a truly successful writer who makes his living off his craft, it was never enough to simply have the gift. It was never enough to be a good writer. It was never enough to be even an excellent writer. The skill wasn't what was important. Who you knew, that was important. What you wrote about, whether it passed their litmus test and fit into their agenda, that was what was important. I knew no one. I tried to keep my writings original. I received over a hundred rejection letters from all kinds of publishers, all of which burned in a house fire eight years ago. I never stood a chance because those who make the decisions of who gets published weren't at all interested in any of my ideas.

It's the same in any media industry. There are people who are successful and those who aren't. Those who are extremely successful and who have become quite wealthy either shill for the left or for the right, for the so called liberals or for the so called conservatives, for the Democrat establishment or for the Republican establishment. The key word in that last sentence is establishment. If I had decided years ago to write for a point of view that supported establishment ideas, who knows where I'd be today? I might even be sitting pretty with a good paying job and a nice place to live. But I didn't do that. I decided to write about principles that matter. I decided that honesty, freedom and individual liberty were more important than making money for the establishment. Well, much as I hate to admit, principle doesn't pay the rent or put food on the table.

For a while there, I thought I might have a chance. I thought that the alternative media could be a path that could at least support me. But even the alternative media has its gatekeepers. Even the alternative media has its famous personalities that get all the attention and all the funding. Unfortunately, after six and a half years of writing these op/ed pieces, I don't seem to be one of those people. There was a time when a couple of those gatekeepers ran my articles and I had quite a bit more exposure than I do now. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, those days are gone. The state is winning, and when a small nobody like me goes up against the establishment, or even an alternative establishment, it isn't that difficult to believe that the small man will get crushed. The path I chose is an uncertain one, and right now my future has never been more uncertain. I have never felt this alone.

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but I see little alternative. I need money folks. My source of income is dwindling away. I need about $1200 a month to make my rent, pay for gas, electric, Internet, phone and food, just the basic necessities. I need about $2400 to make it through the rest of this year. I'm on the precipice people, and I need a miracle. I know that money is tight for many of you, but anything you can spare would be appreciated. Every dollar helps. Isn't my work worth a dollar, or maybe a dollar a month, or a once a year contribution of $12? If you can, purchase my books. That would be a tremendous help.

I've had one article this year with over 6000 hits on my site alone. If everyone who had read that article had donated just one dollar I'd have enough to support me for 5 months. If everyone of them had purchased one of my cheap ebooks, I'd have enough money to support me for about a year, if everyone of them had bought one of my more expensive ebooks, the government would be asking me to pay taxes on my income. And that's not including those who read this at one of the alternative news services that still carry my writings. If the people who read alternative media don't support it, then no one will. It will cease to exist due to lack of funds.

I do thank all the places that publish my writings, and you should all know who you are. If you're not reading this at then you're reading it at one of those places. I also thank all those who have given generously to me in the past. You don't know how much that was appreciated and how long that kept me going. I am truly only a month or so away from a fate I don't know. With my age and my criminal record most businesses won't hire me even for menial work and even my ability to live with family members is uncertain and restricted. Thanks to state laws I am unemployable and unable to live with those who love and care for me the most. As I said before, my future has never been more uncertain.

I have tried hard to make the best of a bad situation. I have tried hard to contribute what I could to society and to provide a product that would be worth paying for. If I had more time than maybe I could succeed without your help, but as it stands right now I am running out of time rather quickly. I am appealing to your generosity to help me survive by going to my website,, and making a donation or purchasing one of my ebooks, and this truly is a matter of survival. There is a donate button and links to all my ebooks in the right margin on the site. Please help if you can.

For a time my books will be available exclusively at from Kindle Direct Publishing. Please help support me by downloading my ebooks. The more downloads I get, the better. Tell your friends. If you don't have a Kindle, offers a PC version for free. Please download and enjoy.

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