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Skepticism and the New World Order Conspiracy

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I think skepticism is a good thing, a very good thing. There is nothing wrong with being skeptical and it can in many cases prevent one from being suckered into some big con or lie. Skepticism, however, can also be a very effective tool to keep the truth hidden from people. It can be used to prevent people from even wanting to know the truth, especially when presented by some very clever propagandist in a way that ridicules others. No one wants to be ridiculed and so when some "respected" source ridicules those who make some "fantastic" claim others quickly learn to keep their mouths shut and not question authority. Skepticism based on emotion or opinion is not skepticism, it is a simple choice to believe one thing or source over another. Sometimes the mind can't imagine that the incredible could be reality and so one tends to disbelieve based on that fact alone.

When an individual wants to believe something, or doesn't want to believe something else, it becomes much easier to convince that person of the perception he wants to be true. Let's take, for instance, the fantastic. Let's look at the example of UFOs. There was a time in the distant past when if someone saw a UFO most people would just take their word for it and it would remain a mystery. There are very old newspaper accounts which report such sightings in a matter of fact tone and don't question the voracity of the event. Later, there came a time when perhaps most people would laugh at anyone who claimed to see a UFO and call them crazy. How did such a turn around take place? Well, through well placed skepticism of course, and the manipulation of whether most individuals want to believe or not.

A better example is the Kennedy assassination. Here is perhaps the best documented example of skepticism for manipulation purposes. Immediately following this coup that ended up solidifying the rule of the elite hidden powers, the pieces were put in place to ensure a successful cover up and to prevent the American populace from asking too many pertinent questions or receiving too many honest answers. Back then, the "skeptics" claimed a lone nutcase assassinated JFK and anyone who disagreed with them and the official story was shamed, ridiculed, ostracized, labeled crazy, and otherwise minimized so their opinions would not be taken seriously. Some credible witnesses may even have been killed to silence them. Today, after considering all the available information to the contrary, anyone who still believes there was no conspiracy to assassinate JFK planned amongst some very powerful people is in a state of denial.

Conspiracies have happened. In fact, history is replete with them. They do happen. They are happening now. They will continue to happen in the future. It would behoove the conspirators, the elite who wish to implement their agenda of creating a one world authoritarian government, to keep the masses of humanity from believing that such conspiracies can even be conceived. Why? Because if the masses of humanity knew what they were up to, they'd be angry and they'd be able to put a stop to it.

So it is that the New World Order can operate right under our noses. So it is that an authoritarian, collectivist, one world governing body can be formed and no one does anything about it. So it is that a centralized power can be formed that holds influence over all westernized governments and many would welcome and even applaud it despite the fact that such a system is antithetical to the western values of individual freedom and liberty. So it is that a system of control, as it were, can be set up to control all economic activity, and can even be turned on the masses of humanity to invoke a police state or even "population control" in the name of mother earth or some other ethical sounding purpose if the ruling elite deem it necessary to do so.

This is the nature of the conspiracy against the common folk. Most of us don't want to believe it. It is therefore easy to convince people it is not true. It is easy to convince them to disbelieve anyone who would say it was true. It is easy to convince them that anyone who believes in such conspiracy theories must be crazy or paranoid. It is easy to get people to laugh at, or shame, or ridicule, or otherwise minimize anyone who would try to warn them about approaching tyranny that could lead to human calamity. It is difficult to get people engaging in such ostracism to look at the evidence presented by such grim prophets. People seem to want to believe that such things could never happen in their country, to them, or to those they know, that their government could never engage in such heinous activity, and so they remain skeptical in the face of criminality that would make the mob blush and make excuses for government officials as the iron fist of an authoritarian regime tightens its grip on the western world.

People want to believe that government knows best. That it is there to take care of them, to make sure bad people don't do bad things to them. They want to believe that government is like a loving parent protecting its children. But there are bad parents out there. There are parents that don't love or care about their children. And there are governments that don't love or care about their people. And they will set siblings against each other. They will use the promise of endearing one over the other to entice fealty to their cause. Such fealty has oft times proved ill placed.

You can continue to remain skeptical of the one world collectivist government conspiracy if you like. You can continue to ignore history. You can continue to turn a blind eye to the rampant collectivist philosophies and thought processes that pervade our own government right here in the United States. You can continue to listen to and believe government sources and their mainstream media propaganda and march in time with their drumbeat. You can be the best sheeple they want you to be. Just remember that you do so at your own peril. I choose to be skeptical of the official sources. I choose to be skeptical of those who are supposedly in charge. I choose to let them know that I am not fooled by their deceptions. I choose to deny them my consent.

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