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Hope and Change, and Q Anon?

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A few years ago the American people elected a man who campaigned on a platform of "Hope and Change." In the last election they elected a man who ran on a platform of "Make America Great Again", which has been shortened to MAGA. America seems to love simplistic, short and nebulous campaign slogans. It seems that the majority of Americans seriously seem to like to avoid thinking too much about government policy and freedom and tend to gravitate toward the candidate with the best, most positive sounding short slogan.


This could be why more people have not tuned into the phenomenon known as Q-anon and so many believe that he is some LARP sitting in his parents' basement somewhere and pounding out nonsense on his keyboard and not the Trump insider or insiders (according to many sources Q-anon is a group of people likely involved with military intelligence) they claim to be. It's coming up on the one year anniversary of when they started dropping information, much of the time cryptic, on 4-Chan (they later migrated to 8-Chan for security reasons) where they have on multiple occasions provided very convincing proofs that they are who they say they are. I started listening to multiple sources who "decoded" Q anon posts not long after they (I believe Q to be a team of people involved in military intelligence and coordinating their efforts) started posting nearly a year ago. Anyone who has taken the word of a mainstream media source and has not been following the actual posts has been misinformed as to Q's true nature. They have not taken the time to actually look into the information provided by Q likely because they are only interested in simplistic slogans and not very interested in looking into the reality of a situation, preferring instead to trust the word of some good looking talking head on a television screen. This is why so many are susceptible to the manipulation of their thoughts by propagandists.

In the time I spent listening to Q decodes, I have become aware of things happening in politics before the "normies" who listen only to the corporate sponsored news media, sometimes long before. Sometimes I didn't even realize that I knew of something before hand. That is the nature of the beast. Listening to several sources who decode "Q drops" (referring to the information they post usually as questions or cryptic statements) and trying to decide the most likely meaning becomes a game in itself and is quite entertaining if nothing else, but what really makes it relevant is the mainstream media's spin on the phenomenon and how they viciously attack anything to do with Q. When the powers that be want you to look the other way, that's where your attention surely should be, and they certainly want no one listening to what Q or his followers and decoders have to say.

That's the crux of the matter. They seem determined to keep as many people away from Q as possible. They have banned many people who do Q decodes from many social media platforms. Those in charge of the main social media platforms have made Q drop decoders' lives as difficult as they possibly can. Why would they do that if there's nothing there, if Q anon was some kind of a LARP (Live Action Role Player) or troll? I don't think they would. Why would they want no one listening? I can honestly say that in the year I've been listening Q has shone light into some very dark corners the ruling elite hide in, and what has been seen are some very scary and disturbing things. The ruling class doesn't want such things exposed and are now running scared. That is why they have ordered their controlled mainstream media to attack and defame Q, and if you don't believe the elite ruling class owns the mainstream media I'm afraid you're totally lost and I pray for your soul.

As a proud conspiracy theorist I have spent much of my adult life being scoffed at by people who have trusted others without question for their information and not bothered to look into matters to verify for themselves. This is multiplied because I self identify as a libertarian. I often wonder how much easier my life would have been and how much wealthier I could have been if I had been able to delude myself into accepting either a Democrat or a Republican narrative and used my writing skills to proffer one of those points of view. Instead I had to stick with the principles of freedom that so few seem to understand, let alone hold dear, these days. That's one reason I was so excited when I began to listen to some of the things Q started talking of early on. I started to believe that maybe, just maybe, not everyone in DC was corrupt and there were still a few good people out there who understood freedom and what America was supposed to be about. I started to wonder if maybe I was wrong about Trump and he wasn't just another high ranking illuminist working for the globalists. Maybe he could, in fact, give America's federal government back to the people as intended by the nation's founders.

I began to have hope. I began to have hope for positive change in this nation of ours. This isn't a false, nebulous hope based on the flowery oratory of a captivating speaker like Mr. Obama, but a hope based upon observing the actions taken by a sometimes abrasive figure portrayed as an abusive, arrogant brat by corporate media outlets. As time has passed I have come to realize that President Trump's public persona is an act and his private persona is most likely very different. The very characteristics he displays that powerful leftists throw fits about are the ones they themselves hide from the public but carry in their hearts in reality. Politics is a shell game where the real ugly characteristics are hidden from the voters while beautiful masks that are pleasant to look upon are presented to them. Because of Q I have hope that soon these masks will be ripped away and the real faces of our so called leaders will be exposed for all to see.

I have hope that corruption will be exposed and dealt with. I have hope that those who have been undermining our national sovereignty will be arrested for their treasonous behaviors. I have hope that the corporate media who have been instrumental in keeping the truth from the American people and covering up the crimes of so many powerful individuals will be bankrupted and their lies exposed. I have hope that human trafficking, especially in children, and the horrors it creates will be stopped. I have hopes that the lies of corporate entities will be exposed and their fraudulent products removed from the markets, particularly pharmaceuticals. I have hopes that the Fed will be audited, it's crimes against humanity exposed, and the central bank dismantled. I have hopes that the criminals who have been in charge of the world, those known as the cabal or the deep state, will be arrested and their freedoms taken away as they would have taken the freedoms away from all American citizens, even the innocent and the children. I have hope for positive change, not just flowery oratory that never materializes in practice.

This is likely another reason for the powers that be to not want you, or anyone else for that matter, to listen to Q. If they can give me hope, a jaded man who gave up on the system long ago and was prepared to go down with a sinking ship of state and drown in the depths of collectivism, then I'm certain they've given hope to many others. Yes, it's happening at snail's pace and is frustratingly hidden from the view of many, but Q has been letting us know that certain things are taking place behind the scenes to keep this hope alive. Perhaps the pace will pick up once the red tsunami overwhelms the blue wave in a couple of weeks. I am not a Republican, but I do see them advancing the principles of freedom once again, so I applaud them. Perhaps it is a fool's hope to think that they will, once in power, work to give back that power to the people where it belongs. I do hope to see a peaceful revolution take place, one that will greatly reduce the power that government has over our everyday lives. Perhaps that is also a fool's hope. Only time will tell.

Trump appears to be an agent of change, a changing of the guard that will eventually take down the corrupt establishment and hopefully put a smaller, more fair, more just system in its place. Q anon has been putting out information to help show us this is, in fact, happening. I hope this keeps up. I do hope that the promises come to pass. And I do hope that, in the words of that old Who song, we don't get fooled again. I shall continue watch for Q posts and listen to the decodes even if those who should care continue to believe the establishment and their propaganda.


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