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Has Qanon and Trump Saved My Life (and perhaps millions more)?

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There is a philosophy espoused in libertarian circles known as the seen and the unseen. It is really just a way to look at the world and imagine how it could have been. You see, when you study history you are looking at facts, for the most part, or rather how facts are perceived by the certain individual or a group of individuals that have lived through the events being described and survived to write about them. That is the seen. The unseen could be best described as asking the question "What would have happened if..?" It's actually quite convoluted and yet it can be simple at the same time. A couple of good historical examples would be what would the world be like today if John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated? or what would the world be like if Hitler had never lived or come to power? We can look around the world today and extrapolate the effects of those events because we can see the cause and effect that actually took place. What we cannot see are the answers to those questions.

Much of the time this exercise is used to imagine how much better the world would have been if such evil had never existed. It is used as a sort of sanguine example of what could be if we could have just banished some evil from the world before it was able to carry out its nefarious plans. More seldom is it used to examine how horrifying the world could have become if we hadn't stood up to some evil and refused to let it have its way. That is what I intend to do in this article. That is what I intend to show now, that sometimes the seen is a much better option than the unseen.

Human beings have a sad history of harming one another. They have a terrible proclivity to violence. They have in them the capacity to be so inhumane as to make one wonder if they are, indeed, human at all. Some wallow in the pain, misery and suffering of their fellow man like a pig wallows in mud. We call these people psychopaths, and many times these psychopaths gravitate to positions of power. These are the monsters that haunt our nightmares, and history is rife with their exploits. They show up as powerful villains and end up killing millions in their bid to hold onto power so they can continue to satisfy their egos and lust for power and control. They are, in fact, evil incarnate.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pot, these are the most infamous of the inhumane I speak of. There is an important thing these psychopaths had in common. They were all socialists. I can hear the moans of the leftists right now and their objections. They were not socialist, they were communists, and Hitler was a fascist. Well, fascism is just another form of socialism. Communism is just another form of socialism. When Marx wrote about it, he was writing about socialism. Socialism is, in fact, the vehicle used to consolidate power into the hands of the few. They claim to be using it to help the common folk, but all they really care about is their own power and being able to enforce their will upon others, even if they need to do so at the point of a gun.

This is what the Democrat party has become, the party of socialism inside the United States of America. I have a couple of friends who are avowed socialists who love the Democrats. Bernie Sanders is an admitted socialist. I'm certain some of these people mean well, that they truly believe they are trying to help people, but in my mind they are sorely misguided. The Democrats have become the party of intolerance. Just look at the obvious censoring of conservative voices on the leading social media platforms. They have become the party which condones violence as can be shown not only by their embracement of the Antifa group, but by the words spoken by many prominent Democrats this last election cycle. They are, IMHO, a group who will stop at nothing to maintain power.

I don't say this to be partisan, I am not affiliated with any political party and I would personally like to see all political parties dismantled and only independent individuals holding office, but to point out that power corrupts. Certainly there are criminal elements in both major parties, but the Democrats have taken criminality to a whole other level. This is typical of socialists and socialism of a different kind, a corporate socialism if you will, has taken root in the Democrat party. There are Republicans who are just as criminal as these Democrats, but many of these are stepping down from their positions of power at this time. Q made the claim early on that those who step down will not be prosecuted in the coming purge of the corrupt and it's strange that so many have decided to retire and not seek re-election.

The twentieth century was the bloodiest in all of human history. The socialist tyrants responsible for such death and destruction did so not out of compassion for the individual, but for an agenda they felt was for some ubiquitous "greater good." They couldn't have achieved their goals peacefully, for their ideas were terrible and could never have been sold to a populace that was awake and aware. The same remains true today. Modern socialists appear unable to achieve their goals without violence. Violence is the province of those whose ideas can't win in a philosophical, civil debate. It becomes the only option for those who wish to maintain control of moral society, thus making such a society profoundly immoral as those who wish to remain civil and moral are quickly censored, jailed, re-educated, or put to death. This seems to be what so many of today's modern Democrats would like to see happen to true conservatives and libertarians. This may sound paranoid, but is indeed what many powerful Democrats have come out and said.

What remains unseen is what the world would be like today had Hillary Clinton been president for the last two years instead of Donald Trump. Would we already be engaged in WWIII? She had intimated in some of her speeches that she was open to the idea of starting such a war with Russia. Would she be putting conservatives and libertarians into "re-education camps" or perhaps even killing us? We do, after all, represent a threat to not only her power, but to all power, and she has demonstrated a propensity to violence. Even as I type this many conservatives in power are being threatened with violence from groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, which have aligned themselves with her political leanings. Put her in power and she very well may have used that power to reduce the threat through the use of violence, particularly if she had multiplied her power by manipulating the US into a war with Russia.

The playbook of the globalist is open for all to see, and many of the politicians in power are avowed globalists. President Trump has come right out and declared himself a nationalist as opposed to a globalist and that is very important. Many have conflated that with him admitting he is a Nazi, but a national socialist is much different than a nationalist. A nationalist merely wants what's best for his nation where a national socialist wants what's best for the international corporations and what's best for the nebulous "greater good." That excuses them from the morality of caring about individuals, sort of like the difference between a democracy which cares about majority rule and a republic which cares about preserving the rights of the individual, including the right to the pursuit of happiness and the right to live. It is international socialism that has been the cause of so much suffering in the past, not nationalism, and there is no reason to believe that it will not be so in the future. If censorship can so obviously occur as the socialist element in this nation is losing power and violent radicals like Antifa can roam the streets without repercussions, I shudder to think what could have occurred if these elements had come to power.

The globalists would like to shut down free speech. The so called mainstream media has sided with them and now spread their poisonous propaganda across the airwaves and into the minds of their audiences. That's because most of those sources have been bought and paid for by international corporations and the central banks who control the world's commerce and use their money and power to control the world's governments. This is known by many of us, perhaps even a majority, but so many have remained silent simply because there was so much power and money involved that no one felt they could ever be taken down. Not when they were declared too big to fail. Not when the corruption ran so deep even the media, who were supposed to be watchdogs for the people, would run cover for them. For some time it looked like all humanity was doomed to grovel at the feet of the power elite.

That is in the process of changing. President Trump has had to resort to tweeting on Twitter in order to get his message out to the public as the corporate media doesn't want the general public to hear it. Qanon started posting on 4 chan then moved to 8 chan and has continually had to move as the boards they post on have come under attack. Would the powers that be pay so much attention to a LARP? Would the media attack dogs of the deep state attack Trump if he was working for them? Well, if so, than it certainly is one of the most brilliant, best planned and coordinated conspiracies of all time. Whoever has planned it, whether it be patriotic intelligence personnel close to Trump as claimed or deep state operatives trying to lull conservatives and libertarians into a state of complacency or whatever, I believe when all is said and done there will be many surprised and stunned common folk suddenly aware of the naked truth.

I believe there is a silent war behind the scenes involving intelligence agencies. I believe a spiritual war has been going on for many decades now, a war of good versus evil, and the side of good finally has the upper hand. I believe that someone finally figured out that in order for evil to be defeated totally, it must be done peacefully else the means becomes the end as violence begets violence. I think in the very near future the general public will know the horrible truth of what the power elite has been up to for decades, if not centuries or even millennia, and many will be stunned. I believe in the truth of agenda 21, the Georgia guide stones and many more unspeakable horrors on the agenda of the power elite, and I believe Trump is fighting them with the help of Qanon and the anons in general who do the digging and find the answers to his puzzles.

When the truth is revealed, all who wish to see will understand how we narrowly escaped cataclysm. Yes, I could be wrong, but at the very least a conversation has started in this nation which will continue into the future, a conversation about transparency, truthfulness and honesty, which is a very important conversation to have. After all, murder, genocide and violence against those who question authority are best kept hidden from the eyes of the public, else they may revolt against those who use such tactics to remain in power. That's what the powers that be are most afraid of, an informed public with the ability to think for themselves.

Having said all that, I still remain only cautiously optimistic. There are still many questions that remain unanswered. It is always wise to question authority, and I worry that too many people have become Trump sycophants and would follow him without question no matter the circumstances. As long as he continues to promote a more free society with less government, I will continue to support him. As long as he continues to expose corruption and attempt to eliminate it in a peaceful manner, I will support him. As long as Qanon continues to inform from behind the scenes so that transparency rather than secrecy rules the day, I will support him. I will continue to try to judge not the man, but the policies he promotes. That is how we proceed to not only a better, freer society and nation, but toward a better, freer, safer world.

If you like my writings and would like to see me produce more, please consider making a donation or purchasing one of my many ebooks. I thank you for your support.

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